So long since A post

Oh my. It's been a long time since I posted lol. Still no baby. I'm hoping that Baby Bear comes soon - I'm so tired of being pregnant lol. Actually I'm not tired of it, but I just want to meet the little Bear. I thought for sure I was going into labour yesterday morning at about 4am - I had intense stomach cramping/contractions... but then they stopped. Like my doctor said at my last appointment, Baby Bear is fully cooked and will come out when s/he is ready to arrive lol. My mom gets here on Friday morning so hopefully Baby Bear is just waiting for Grandma to get here. I'm probably going to do a double post today so I can show pictures of fun stuff later (they're not on my computer yet, they're still on my phone lol). We broke down and finally bought a patio set for our deck. And let me tell you. Smartest purchase we've done in awhile. We bought it on Friday night, set it up Saturday night and have eaten dinner out there every night since, I've eaten breakfast out there also, and it's been so great to just relax outside. Unfortunately, today it's pissing down rain so no deck time for me lol. I should be getting stuff done around the house.... but I'm lazy lol. I slept in again this morning - everyone keeps saying, get the sleep now, you'll need it when the baby comes. But most of these people don't actually know what I'm like with little to no sleep. When I was away at college, I could sleep for probably 2-3 hours a night and function fine for about 2-3 weeks. I used to have insomnia pretty bad. And then when I was with my ex, I was always up late trying to clean the house or do crap for him, and I was always up super duper early because of him too. So as long as I can nap when Baby Bear naps, I think I'll be ok. It makes me laugh that some people think I'm a PRIME CANDIDATE for post-partum because I'm so not worried about this baby and the way it's going to change my life. I'M EXCITED. Yes I know things are going to change - and I understand that I have no idea what's going to happen, but it's a great change and I'm really looking forward to it. It's not going to make my life crappy - it's changing my life for the better. We're starting our own family and our own traditions and seriously, I'm just so excited.

On that note - that's it for now, until I load up my super fun pictures. OHHHH and I made the cutest farm animal cookies for my little friend Tianna's birthday - I'll be sure to post those too :)

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