Friday, July 11, 2014

5 fabulous things about this Friday

Ooooo I'm so excited for this link up!!! These two blogs are relatively new to me, I only just found them recently. And I LOVE them!! Thanks for hosting this link up ladies!

Five Fabulous Things About This Friday

1. I spent the last week with my sister and her man, who were in from Georgia visiting us. The not so fabulous thing was that they went home this morning, but it was fabulous to have them visit us and Nora and Annika loved having them here. 

Nora getting a matchy matchy dress to Isabelle from Auntie Danie. 

2. Today was 7-11 day. Free slurpees from 7-11. What more could anyone want? I forgot to take pictures of this but it did happen lol. 

3. We went to the wading pool by our house again. The girls LOVED it. 

4. After that, we went to a new to us park by our house. Again, it was loved by everyone. 

 5. Both girls were in bed and asleep by 8pm. If that isn't fabulous, I don't know what is lol. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June Goal Recap

Since it's already the 8th of July, I figured I should do my June Goals Recap and list my goals for July.

June Goals:

1. Make it to 2500 Swagbucks. - Done and done :) Cashed it out and got $25 Paypal dollars! If you're interested in joining, it's easy and super awesome -

2. Meal Plan - Meal planned for the whole month and we pretty much stuck to it.  I was pretty happy with our success.

3. Make blog plan. - failed miserably again.  I just couldn't get motivated.  I'm still finding the motivation a little lacking, but I'm guessing it's because it's so beautiful outside and I don't want to be by my computer lol.

4. Plan Nora's Birthday. - Check mark!  And it was a HUGE success.  Once I get the photos loaded onto my computer, I will post all about it.  Let's just say, she was a teensy bit surprised with everything that happened!

5. Clean Dining Room. - that's a negative as well.  I tried, but with birthdays and everything else, it just didn't happen.

6. Host Stampin' Up Catalog Launch Party. - well I hosted the party.  Only 2 people showed up though.  I'm kind of bummed about it.  Selling Stampin' Up is turning out to be super hard still.  I thought that maybe once I was back in Manitoba I would be able to do it again, but it's still proving to be very difficult.

7. Go through 1 dresser in bedroom. - also did not happen.  I had good intentions but I just ran out of time.

I'm hoping that July will prove to be a better month for me.  4/7 isn't too bad, but it isn't great either lol.

Without further adieu - my July Goals:

1. Host 4th of July BBQ.  I know it's after the 4th, but I made these goals at the beginning of July, I just hadn't posted them yet.

2. Launch cardmaking business.  I had a lot of compliments on Nora's birthday invites, so I'm thinking about making and selling invites... we will see if this actually happens or not lol.

3. Earn 2500 Swagbucks.  I figure if I can make myself an extra $25 Paypal per month by not doing a lot, that's a pretty good thing lol.

4. Participate in giveaway on Facebook - I'll have more details about this later this month, but I'm SUPER excited about this!!

5. Clean Dining Room.  We are about to inherit my Grandparent's Dining Room table, chairs, buffet and hutch.  When they passed away, my Uncle and his wife took them, because my parents had a beautiful set from when they got married.  We were supposed to get their table when we *hopefully* purchase a house later this year when we get posted somewhere *hopefully* here.  However, my Aunt had a family member pass who is moving across the country and they are getting rid of all of their furnishings, so my Uncle and Aunt want that dining room set.  And since we are the only ones living in the city who would want my Grandparents set, we get it!  I'm beyond excited to have this family heirloom.  I loved their Dining Room set when I was little.  So - with that little story - I NEED to have the Dining Room clean so that everything will fit into here nicely when we get it.

I think I'll leave this at five for now - if I decide to add more, they will probably just be weekly goals instead.    


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Canada Day!

We have had such a busy June and and July so far. I'm going to do my best to play catch up and post about all the grand things we have done lately. :)

Canada Day was pretty crummy here this year. The day started off cold and rainy so we actually canceled our plans to go to the park for all the festivities. Instead we headed over to our good friends house for an indoor BBQ lunch complete with blanket forts and family pictures (since Paul's sister and her boyfriend were in town - and long convoluted story - her boyfriend is my good friends brother  so it was a real family get together lol). 

The Epic Blanket Fort
Two little munchkins trying to hide from us.
These two are going to be troublemakers when they get older lol. 

Paul, his sister Melissa and our two girls. Unfortuantely, this is the best picture we got of them - in most of them Nora and Annika are all over the place lol.

Having some sparkler fun with Daddy
More sparkler fun!

The weather cleared up so we took a bike ride through the park to the ice cream store - this is Nora's Happy Birthday Canada face lol. 

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends out there!!!



Sunday, June 8, 2014

Busy busy!

So hubster is back home now, which is all kinds of awesome but it means we've been busy busy lol. And it started with the most awesome purchase we have made in awhile:

My new bicycle!!! I am so in love with it. It's an Electra Townie and it is so comfortable to ride. The only downfall to this bike is that on our way home from getting it - our check engine light on the van came on and now the van is driving all funky. So we have to take it in to the dealership on Tuesday to get it checked out (that's the first available appointment they had - boo!)

Then today, after a bike ride to the park, we went to the Manitoba Museum for the 17 Wing MFRC/PSP/SISIP volunteer appreciation event. It was awesome. And we won a super cool door prize - tickets to a pre season Winnipeg Jets game! Nora was so cute when we won because she picked the prize out of the bucket. She did this crazy shaky thing that she does when she's super excited and screamed ooh the jets!! I love Buffy. (If you're not a hockey fan - she's talking about Dustin Byfuglien lol). And after the speeches, prizes, and free lunch, we got to go through the museum, watch a Bug Bird show at the Planetarium and play in the science gallery. It was an awesome day.

Nora and Grandpa looking at sea creatures

Annika loved everything. And she was in her Squeaker shoes so we always knew where she was lol.

Nora and Grandpa on the way to see the HMS Nonsuch.

I love my family!!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend too!!!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014



Linking up with Randalin and Lindsey for another round of Currently!

This week’s themes were: snapping, checking, learning, dropping, saving

I am currently:

Snapping – pictures of the girls constantly.  I don’t want to miss anything, especially when Paul goes away, I like to document even more so he doesn’t miss out on the fun things that happen around here.

Checking – the weather forecast – it’s supposed to be storming all night, and I HATE thunderstorms.  So far, it’s been holding off, we will see what happens overnight.

Learning – that I have poor time management skills, or that I’m a normal parent who can’t get everything done in one day.  It’s much harder to take care of both of the girls when I have no breaks lol.

Dropping – the ball on getting things clean. It’s been so nice outside that I really don’t feel like being inside and doing housework.  Also – dropping hints that I want some alone crafting time lol.

Saving – money.  I feel like I’m always trying to save money lol.  Also, trying to save every memory and every minute of this summer with my girls.  They are growing up so fast and I don’t want it to end.  I love the age that they are at right now, it may be tiring and frustrating at times but it is SO much fun.

Thanks for stopping by y’all!

Monthly Goal Recap


So we will do a little monthly recap of last month’s goals:

1.     Earn 500 Swagbucks – done like dinner – I earned 300 more than I wanted to!  YAY ME!
2.  Make Meal Plan and Follow It – we also did this one with no problems, it was nice to know what we were having for dinner all month long.  It made prep way easier and grocery shopping super easy too.
3.   Make Blog Plan and Follow It – FAIL.  I barely blogged last month – I’m trying to do better this month though.
4.  Make Social Package for Natasha and Scott – I completed this and had it done before their Social so I would consider that a Super Win.
5.  Choreograph One New Dance – I was so focused on Recital and learning my dances that I didn’t have time to do any choreography last month.  I did however find several songs I would like to use.
6.   Organize Front Hallway – I completed this task and I am SO happy about that lol.  Our entrance way is actually nice and tidy now AND all of the winter stuff has been put away, no more boots, hats or mitts to look at lol.

Now onto June’s goals!

1.     Make it to 2500 Swagbucks to earn a PayPal gift card. This one shouldn’t be too hard to do I’m super close to it already, I’m hoping to get at least one gift card every two months.
2.  Meal plan the month again.  I loved how organized I felt doing this and I would like to continue it.
3.   Make a blog plan and stick to it.  So far I have blogged every day this month – not necessarily the best blogging but I have posted something every day so far.
4.  Plan Nora’s 3rd Birthday Party.  A word of caution to all parents, don’t ask your two year old what type of birthday party they want – it’s changed like 6 times in the past two days lol.  It’s mostly narrowed down to a Frozen Princesses and Superheroes party.  Most likely we will go with just Frozen.
5.  Clean Dining Room.
6.   Host Stampin’ Up Catalog Launch.  The new catalog was released on June 2 so I’m hosting a launch party and I’m hoping to drum up some new business!
7.  Go through one dresser in the bedroom.  Between Paul and I, we have three dressers, I’m sure I don’t need all of the clothes I have and now that I’m no longer in maternity anything (except my yoga pants because they are still so comfy lol) I need to get rid of some of this stuff, or at least put it into storage bins.

There you have it. My lovely June goals.  Hopefully I can get them all completed this month!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There. I admitted it. I'm tired. I'm actually exhausted right now. I don't sleep well when I'm by myself. Add in two kids who don't sleep well. And well, I'm exhausted.

Two more nights. That's it. Kudos to all those single moms out there and to all the military mama's rocking the deployment world - this is hard. I am so thankful that I have a husband who comes home at the end of his work day and gives me an hour or so by myself. It's definitely helped keep my sanity. I know I need to get used to this too but for now, only two more nights alone.

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