September 1, 2014

Oh Hey September!?!?!

So it's September now... say what?!?!?!?  Where did my summer go?

So instead of recapping summer stuff right now, we will just jump right into September with my new list of goals lol.

September Goals

1.  Organize craft area.  This is a major must do on my list, it's a wreck in my basement and I need to get it cleaned lol.

2.  Change Annika's crib to a bed.  This one makes me cry a little but since she can now climb out of things, we may as well switch her to a big girl bed, and then maybe both she and her sister will be able to sleep in the same room!

3.  Go through the girl's dresser and closet.  With the possibility of a posting in the very near future or at least a move in houses, I need to get things organized in their room.

4.  Plan and hold a Card making event.  I have one scheduled for September 30.  Hopefully the turn out is as good as the last one I had.

5. Host a fall launch for Jamberry.  The new catalogues were released today and they are awesome.  I'm super pumped to be involved with Jamberry.

6.  Bake cookies.  I haven't baked all summer because it's been so hot and we don't have AC.  I can't wait for the weather to cool down just a teensy bit so I can bake :)

7.  Clean off the desk in the office.  We have our new furniture in the dining room/office and the desk has become a dumping ground lately.  I want to clean it off and start to get all of our paperwork organized (again, in case of an upcoming move).

Hope y'all had a wonderful Labour Day Long Weekend, we enjoyed a lot of quality family time which was super nice!

I plan to blogging regularly again now that it's fall and hopefully things slow down a little bit (who am I kidding - it's never a slow, dull day around here!! Lol).

August 1, 2014

Oh Hey Friday (but really super early on Saturday morning lol)

Linking up with the lovely ladies over at The Farmer's Wife and September Farm.  I'm sometimes feel jealous because they both live on farms, but then I remember that I'm totally a city girl at heart lol.

So here are my Five FUN and FABULOUS things about my week:

1.  I started selling Jamberry nails ( - check it out lol) and I had my launch party this week.  It went AMAZINGLY.  I'm so happy with the first party.  I had 8 people show up and 7 of them ordered stuff (the 8th didn't because she was leaving for holidays for 3 weeks this morning lol). Super pumped.

Love fern!

2.  I did a bunch of volunteer work this week at the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre - I think it's like the American version of the MWR? I could be wrong lol).  Wednesday I helped make lollipops for the kids program out of Jolly Ranchers and did some photocopying.  Then today it was helping make a Poutine Bar for the day camp.  For all you Americans - Poutine is french fries and squeaky cheese covered with gravy.  It's delicious.  If you ever come to Canada, you MUST try it.

3.  My grandparents on my Mom's side passed away several years ago.  I miss them a lot but this week, I got to have a little piece of family treasure.  My Uncle and his wife received a new dining room set from a family member of hers and in turn, they gave us my Grandparents dining room set.  It is beautiful and I am so proud and honoured that they gave it to us.  And it was special because we actually picked it up on my Grandparents anniversary.

4.  My dear sweet husband has been working so hard on this course that he is on.  In this last phase of the course, he has 10 flights he has to complete - 4 in tactical, 2 in Search and Rescue, 2 surveillance and then 2 Checkrides (I could be wrong on what they are all called). He has now completed his 4 tactical flights and he did really well on them - he actually had Standard Exceeded on two of his flights (which is SUPER awesome!)  I'm so proud of him.

5.  Tomorrow night we are having a BBQ with our neighbours.  One set of neighbours went away for 4 weeks in June and then 3 weeks in July and we watched their house for them.  In return for that, they gave us (both us and our other neighbours) WAY too much money for watching their house.  We didn't want to accept it, but they wouldn't say no - so we are using that money to have a big BBQ.  We are heading out to the Farmer's Market in the morning to pick up all fresh veggies, meat and potatoes and probably a dessert for it.  I'm super excited because I haven't been to the Farmer's Market at all this year yet.

Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL weekend.  It's a long weekend for us up here in Canada, so I may not post again until Tuesday (unless I figure out how to make my wifi work in the backyard by the kiddie pool lol).  

July 31, 2014


Linking up with Randalin at Harvesting Kale and Lindsey at OT & ET
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I am currently NEEDING... sleep.  I just want one night of sleep that is uninterrupted.  I love my children, but Mommy just wants a little bit of sleep.

I am currently LISTENING... to the hum of the air conditioners and my laptop.  I am so thankful that we have AC in our two bedrooms upstairs.  I'm not quite sure how we survived last summer with only the AC in our bedroom (actually, I do know how, Nora slept on an air mattress on our floor lol).  But it has been so awesome to have two of them.

I am currently LEARNING... how to be a Jamberry Independent Consultant.  And I LOVE it.  If you want to know more, or if you want to try a free sample, send me a message and I can tell you all about it.  Seriously, I love these things, I've had mine on for 5 days and they are still in awesome shape and I have been crazy hard on them lol.

I am currently JUMPING... into everything that I'm involved in with both feet.  I feel like the first part of the summer was kind of slow and not super great for me, and now - I am jumping in with both feet and just going for everything.  I am no longer fearing failure in any of my endeavors which is a great feeling.

I am currently BUILDING... an EMPIRE.  Not really.  I just felt like that was the right answer lol.  I'm building my home-based businesses.  I guess that would be the best answer lol.  And I'm about to reply to all the lovely people who said they would review hair things for me :)  Y'all are about to get some awesome fall goodies sent your way!!

Hope you enjoyed this and I'll see ya next week!
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July 30, 2014

Grateful Heart

Grateful Heart linkup w/ Ember Grey

So I realized after starting this, it was a Monday link up, but I really like it, so even though it's Wednesday, I thought I would link up anyways :)

My Husband
I am so grateful for a loving, caring husband who has the same goals as me.  A husband who supports the things I love to do.  A husband who is wonderful with our children.  He is everything I could have ever wanted and so much more.

My Children - Nora and Annika
These two girls are my world.  They teach me so much about myself every day.  And they are pretty cute too.  The two of them make me want to try harder at everything I do so that they try harder too.  I want so much for them to succeed in life at whatever they dream to do.  Nora tells me she wants to be a dancer and a Mommy and a chef.  Or at least that's what she wants to be today lol.  Annika is so full of sass and spunk - she challenges me on a regular basis (and she's only one - my world is going to be crazy as she gets older) but even her craziness makes me happy.

My family
Once upon a time, I didn't really talk to my parents or my sister.  Let's just call that the dark phase of my life.  And I really regret it.  They are my foundation essentially.  I love them all to pieces and couldn't imagine a life without them.  I'm already getting super sad thinking of the chances of us being posted away from them, it's been such a treat being here for the past year with my parents only a phone call away.

So many other things 
Honestly, I am very grateful for most things in my life right now.  My husband has a steady job, we are all healthy, we are all happy (at least our immediate family is lol) and I don't have anything that I necessarily "need" or even want.  Life is pretty darn good right now.

Thanks to Ember Grey for hosting this awesome link up!!

July 28, 2014

Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

Weekly Wishes

Linking up with the Lovely Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective.  I love goal setting and after a whirlwind beginning of the summer – I’m in the need for actually making some new goals and sticking to them.

1.        Write a blog plan and stick to it for the week.  I have majorly slacked on the blogging lately.  I really have no excuse for it other than I just haven’t made the time for it.

2.       Host my first Jamberry Nails Party.  That’s right folks, I’m the newest Jamberry Nails rep lol.  And I LOVE IT.  If you want to order them – I can ship to the US and Canada, check out my site:

3.       Clean our Dining Room up.  We are getting a new table and chairs.  By the time I post this, they may already be in our house.  They are not new – new, just new to us.  It’s actually my Grandma and Grandpa’s Dining Room set.  When they passed away, my Uncle and his wife received the table, chairs, buffet and hutch.  They are getting a new set from her family now, and since we finally live in the same city as family, they asked if I would like them so they stay within our immediate family.  We of course said Yes immediately.  I hope that everything fits and that they look nice lol.

4.       Make some big decisions – I may have a great opportunity to make some extra cash coming up soon but we need to decide if it’s worth the time and effort or not.  Ahh being a grown up lol.

So check back with me next week to see if I’ve managed to accomplish ANY of these items lol.

July 17, 2014



I am guest posting over on one of my FAVOURITE blogs today!!! 

View From the Fridge!!!  Katie just had an adorable baby boy and was looking for people to help her out this summer as she learns to deal with being a Mother to 3 little boys!!  Seriously, she is awesome, read her posts, you will find fabulous ideas.

You have know idea how excited I was to do this (maybe my exclamation marks are giving it away lol).  

Go check it out - I talk about the World's Best Cookies :)

July 15, 2014

Coffee Break

Most military communities in Canada are located in larger cities, which makes the military community seem very far away from each other at times. I'm very lucky that where we live now, we have an amazing Military Family Resource Centre aka MFRC. They have a ton of different programming for families. One of the big things they do every month is have a Coffee Break on the first Thursday of the month.

This past month, Coffee Break fell on July 3rd, right in between Canada Day and the 4th of July - so we made it a Canada United States theme :)

We had festive fruit!
Veggies with dip in cups - thanks to Pinterest lol. 
My mom made a yellow ribbon cake. 
I made the American stars and the Canadian maple leafs. 
More of our yummy food. 
We also had cheese and crackers. 
Blueberry French toast casserole. 
Mini quiche. 

All in all the morning was a success. It's one of the things I looked forward to the most when we moved back here.