Welcome 2017

Well 2017 - you haven't quite been super nice so far - 3/5 in our family have been sick with the flu now. It wouldn't be so bad if we were at our own house but we are visiting family right now so it's never nice to be puking in someone else's house lol.

I'm hoping that maybe 2017 will be better than the beginning- we can only go up from here lol. Here's hoping you and your families have had a wonderful holiday season!!

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November News

So I haven't blogged in what feels like forever but I've been a bit busy. The newest addition to our house - Jana, arrived on August 26. We've been super busy since then with visits from all the family, Daddy heading back to work (which included being gone for the majority of October), Nora starting school and Grandma and Grandpa being away for a month. November is showing some signs of slowing down a teensy bit but not much lol. Anywho - I hope to be blogging a bit more regularly this month ☺️

There she is - about two hours after she was born. She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz (exact same weight at Nora) and measured 21". I'll write more about the birth later but it was an amazing experience! 



August?  Where have you gone??  Oh right... Vanished into thin air lol.  I do have some reasons for being absent last week and they are valid reasons lol.  What I didn't blog about at all was how my darling husband has been gone for the majority of June and July into August but he did get home finally on the 4th - and then he had a whole bunch of time off of work so we spent the majority of it doing family stuff together and prepping for this new baby.  While Paul was away we definitely kept busy, I finished off working full time, the girls were still in daycare full time, we went to two weddings, finished tumbling classes, went to the wading pools and splash pads, did Grandma/Grandpa Camp (one of the hits of the summer thus far lol) and really just tried to not focus on Paul being away at all.  He had his last day off today so life will be back to "normal" starting tomorrow (but seriously - define normal while you're waiting for a baby to be born lol).  I really enjoyed our time together this last week but it will be nice to have no real commitments tomorrow and I can just take a nap if I want to without feeling like I should be doing something else lol.  Now for some pictures :)

His arrival home (guess where he had been for 5 weeks lol).

Afternoon craft time with the girls - they love paint.

Spending time together :)


Meal Planning

I'm trying to do our meal planning a little bit differently this month.  I was trying to plan the whole month out in advance.  Is there anyone else out there that does this??  I'm finding it super difficult right now but I think that's mostly because of all the unknown's of August.  We don't know when this baby will arrive.  We don't know what Paul's flying schedule is like.  We don't know if his parents are coming out at some point (I think that depends on when Baby Girl arrives).  That makes it super hard to plan things in advance.  So far - I have the next three days planned and that's it lol.

Thursday - BBQ Steak, Potatoes, and Corn on the Cob

Friday - BBQ Hamburgers

Saturday - Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

And after that... I'm stuck lol.  I feel like the girls and I are pretty easy to please when Paul's away, they like breakfast for dinner, Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, Pasta, Nothing too adventurous or crazy - we have one super picky eater and one semi-okay eater.  We do have some salmon in our freezer and lots of chicken to use up. Do you have any great recipes that you use when meal planning or have any tips to trying to plan for more than just two - three days in advance??

Happy Humpday!!

August Goals

 Welcome August!!

The beginning of August was very dark and dreary here.  It started out as a hot and muggy morning and then all of a sudden, the skies got super dark and it began to hail, and then it poured.  For pretty much the whole afternoon.  However, it was nice because the girls played in their playroom for pretty much the whole day and had a blast and I was able to get some house cleaning done :)

Anywho - onto the August Goals - I may as well try to hold myself accountable here and get a few things accomplished this month.

1. Have a baby.  Pretty self-explanatory lol.  But it is officially baby month so I thought I should put it in here lol.

2.  Blog more consistently.  I would like to try to blog every day in August but I know that once the baby does arrive, things may not go quite according to any plans I have so I'm trying to be flexible.  I think I would be happy if I could blog 4-5 times per week.

3.  Rearrange the master bedroom in our house.  Right now - the layout I just not working for me and I would like to switch things around a bit.  It may mean covering up the window with our bed frame a little bit and the possibility of covering the floor vents too... But I think in the long run it will work out okay.  

4.  Clean out Paul's dresser.  We have those Ikea dressers that are being recalled, so it the end it actually helps me out a little bit.  I want to get rid of his dresser (mostly) and hang the majority of his clothing because we have double closets in our bedroom.  And he has the closet organizer so he should be able to fit most of his stuff into the closet.  Maybe that will be tomorrow's project lol.  

I will check back in mid-month to see how these are going (and if they are mostly done, I may add in some more lol).

Do YOU have any goals for this month??

Welcome August!

I can hardly believe that it's August already - I feel like this entire year has slipped by.  I guess working full time, being pregnant, parenting my two ladies and dealing with several mini deployments can make the time go quickly lol.  August is a busy month for us - prepping for the new baby's arrival (which can happen anytime after August 7 - more to follow on this lol) and getting the Bear ready for Maternelle (which is French kindergarten) and prepping for my big sister's visit in September!!

So here's a quick baby update - I am now approx 36.5 weeks.  According to my midwives - my due date is August 28, according to my calculations and the app on my phone - my due date is August 25, and according to my fetal assessment ultrasound my due date should be August 23.  I would be happy with any of those dates - just no baby until after the 7th of August.  As of the 7th - I will be 37 weeks (full term) and that means I can have this little gal at the Birth Centre here.  If I go into labour before then - we have to head to one of the hospitals which is not my preferred choice.  The Birth Centre is a GORGEOUS facility and I really really really want to have this baby there.  In terms of names - we still don't have one.  So if you have any super awesome suggestions for baby names that end with the letter A - let me know - we can not decide on one that we both like lol.

Bear starts Maternelle in September and I'm so excited/nervous for her.  First of all - I can't believe that she's 5.  Secondly, I can't believe that we are putting her in FULL FRENCH school.  That scares this Momma for the sole reason that French is not my forte - I can read it and I can somewhat understand it, but speaking it to other people out loud - scares the poop out of me lol.  I'm just not confident in my French speaking skills anymore.  And it's FULL days.  Monday - Friday all day long.  I think she'll be okay with that because she's been in full daycare for over a year now and is definitely used to the routine of being busy all day.  We decided to keep the Bug in full daycare this year too because to pull her from her friends to hang out at home with me and the baby just seems silly.  Plus it's a good routine for her and it means we will be more likely to get a spot for Baby 3 if I decide to go back to work when my maternity leave is finished.

I'm definitely starting to nest more - as I'm writing this from my bed - I'm noticing several "projects" that need to get done in the bedroom.  Right away.  Probably tomorrow because I'm too lazy to crawl out of bed to do them tonight.  I cleaned the ensuite bathroom earlier today and boy does it ever look nice now - I'm proud of myself for doing it but also kind of mad at myself that it took so long for me to get my butt in gear to get it organized and looking awesome.

Stay tuned for more from me - I actually have a little calendar and plan to write as much as possible now :) - we will see what ends up happening though lol.

And here's a bump picture for you :)


BIG News!!

So if you don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter - we recently had some big news in our family! 

It's true! We are crazy people lol and we will be welcoming Baby H #3 into the world later this year! Other than being tired all the time and having some nasty first trimester morning/all day sickness, this pregnancy has been going quite well. And now that everyone knows about it and I'm definitely looking pregnant- I can blog/talk about it more lol. 

Happy Hump Day Y'all!