Tuesday Tidbits

Some random Tuesday musings for you today.

1. Bear went to a drop in summer youth program today. YOUTH. How on earth is she old enough to be considered a youth?!? It made my Momma heart a little bit sad.

2. We had Cheer Tumbling class tonight. Im so glad that WDC does summer classes. The girls absolutely love them.

3. Because it was a cheer night, we also went to the Splash pad first. We were hoping the wading pool was going to be open but due to thunderstorms earlier today, all city wading pools were closed. However, I found out tonight that our water loving baby Bean does not like splash pads one bit. She threw a huge fit when I took her into the water. So instead she and I snuggled on the towel.

4. I started making my July to do list. Its really long. And somewhat overwhelming.

5. I need a job. My maternity leave ends in less than a month now and Bean starts daycare in two weeks. My old workplace unfortunately does not have a position for me to go back to so I'm currently on the hunt for something new. Here's hoping I can find something soon that will help cover the cost of daycare and make it worth it to be back at work.

6. Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. I love all the celebrations everyone does - I'm hoping next year we may be able to head down South to participate in some :)

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