Tuesday Ten

Ten Random Things on my Tuesday for you!

1.  My inlaws arrive tomorrow.  I'm not sure how long they are staying.  It should be fun, right?  So today is filled with cleaning and trying to organize things so that my mother-in-law doesn't re-organize them for me.  She has a tendency to do that.  And it drives me bananas.  But that's a whole other post.

2.  The craft sale two weeks ago didn't go so well for me.  I didn't sell any of my tutu's.  But that only fueled me to get more of them made and I'm slowly getting ready to open my online store selling them.  Seriously.  Stay tuned for more information on that :)

3.  So I have at least one more month of teaching.  They received a grant this month so it gives them enough money to run until January... after that, we will see what happens.  We can only hope that they receive more grants or that money falls out of the sky somewhere.  I'm hoping that they fix the furnace in the studio with that grant... but I'm not holding my breath.

4.  I am 21 weeks today!!  And still getting sick pretty much every other day.  It SUCKS.  I totally thought that it would be done by now.  And I really wish it was.  It's taking a toll on my marriage because I have no energy and often feel ill and well, let's be honest, men don't really understand how we're feeling because they never have to go through it.  So we are snappy with each other quite often.  I hope the sickness starts to fade soon.

5.  And with the sickness comes my lack of motivation.  I just don't feel like doing anything lately.  I like snuggling with Nora and playing with her, but cooking, cleaning, crafting, baking.... nothing seems to keep me interested.  That needs to change asap but I just don't know how to get motivated again.

6.  I love Disney Jr.  I will admit it, I let my 17 month old watch TV.  And SHE LOVES Disney Jr.  Especially Tickety Toc.  She will dance around the living room and clap - it's so adorable.  She also loves the Disney princesses.

7.  Christmas gifts suck this year.  Since we are staying here and not going to see family - everyone is asking us what we want for Christmas and somehow, somewhere along the way, because we just put random things on our list that we need/want, someone took it the wrong way and thinks we are doing poorly financially.  Which we aren't.  We are finally in a really good spot.  We have one credit card left to pay off and our loan and the car.  And that's it.  And we only spend cash or use our debit cards.  We just put stuff like that on our lists because we are actually trying to downsize what we own - we don't need extra "stuff" that we don't really need to have.  So I'm a bit frustrated.  That and NOBODY will give us their lists.  And we have to mail everything - so it needs to be done in the next week so it gets there in time for Christmas.  Ugh.

8.  I can feel Baby Hansen moving now.  It's awesome.  I missed that part of being pregnant.  And she is sooooo active - almost moreso than her big sister was.  Speaking of Baby Hansen - we have NO ideas for names lol.  We can not agree on anything.  Names I like, Paul hates - names Paul likes, I hate lol.  Thank goodness there are still approx 19 weeks left to decide lol.

9.  Jamaica is so close.  I can not wait.  I'm so excited for this trip - I'm excited for Nora's first big trip to a foreign country.  I'm pumped for the beach.  The Sun.  The HOT weather :)  Hopefully it will be an awesome and relaxing trip :)

10.  I finally got a Klout Perk.  And I was SO happy.  I received two full sized bottles of Aveeno lotion.  Which I absolutely love but rarely buy unless it's on a super sale (a normal bottle up here is about $9-$11).  And it feels SO nice on my baby bump :)

Okay - so I realize now that some of my list were a little bit whiny - and I swear I'm not normally like this.  I promise I'll try to be more positive and upbeat in the future - this week just has me kinda down.

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. You sound busy! Hope your sickness passes soon and you get motivated again!

  2. Yay 21 weeks! We love disney jr at our house! Jamaica sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I get it, all of it. and I'm not pregnant lol! Especially the Christmas stuff. gah! Sometimes I wish I could just get gifts for my hubby and kids and that's it.

  4. We havent been able to decide on a name either. It is so hard to name a human! New follower.