Girl Mom Box Swap

So I participated in a swap in April hosted by Jess from Being Mrs. Beer and Courtney from Shiraz In My Sippy Cup. I've had crappy issues with swaps lately (as in packages never arrive - or they get sent back from customs three months later) so I was a bit worried that I would have the same rotten luck. Thankfully - my swap recipient Viki  and her daughter Erin were super awesome and totally understanding that my package went out late due to my own kids being sick.  Seriously, I will be so happy when this lingering sickness leaves our house!  Anywho, she received her package today!! Thank goodness lol. And I received mine from Sarita last week!! 


I don't think my kids liked it at all - NOT!!  They love the headbands with the "crazy ears" as Nora calls them and their butterfly wands have gone to bed with them every night.  Nora couldn't believe that there was a package from someone who didn't know her that could be filled with "everything I ever wanted and could love".  So Sarita - you nailed it. 😀. 

Here's hoping that any other swaps I do work out. And if you have ever been expecting a package from me - please know that I am actually in the process of sending new packages out especially if I think you may have never received what I actually sent the first time. 

May the Fourth be with you!! Hehehe - couldn't resist. 


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  1. Cute girls. :) This was a fun swap, so glad your packages worked out this time!

  2. Thanks again for the package! The package I sent to my swap recipient hasn't made it yet. I am hoping I don't end up getting it back. Glad to hear that it happens to you too.