Friday Letters!


Dear Friday,
Umm. Wow.  Where did you come from?  Can time slow down just a teensy bit please?  I still have so much to do this week.
Sincerely, Girl with a big to do list

Dear Baby Girl,
I hope you have a better sleep tonight than last night - I know it's hot outside, and I know that you're teething again so you're kind of miserable, but Mommy would like a good night's sleep too and it's hard to do with you crying every 20 minutes.  Feel better soon, k lovey!
Love your Mama

Dear Sister,
I still miss you.  That is all.
Love your Northern sister

Dear Husband,
Thank you thank you thank you for installing my clothesline today.  It has diapers drying on it.  Which is awesome.  You are awesome.  I only wish that you could be on leave all summer long, this past week has been loverly.  I wish that you didn't start your course on Monday - but I know you'll kick butt and do great and then in August we can go on a little family holiday just the 3 of us!
Love always, your Wifey

Dear Weather,
What is up with you?  I shouldn't complain that it's hot.  But um, it's only May.  If you're already in the 30's now (Celsius for all you Americans out there - it converts to approx. somewhere in the high 80's I believe), what's going to happen in the "hot" months of July and August... I think I might get heat stroke.  And I might need to go buy a swimming pool.  Ugh.  Please lower a few degrees please.  
Thanks so much - the sweaty girl in Canada.


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  1. Awww...I remember those days of teething babies. Crazy, but someday you'll actually miss that time. :)

  2. It is super warm here too!!! Supposed to be 90 this weekend.. and I am SO thankful I am lake bound.

  3. Love your letters girly! Happy friday!! ♥!!

  4. Stopping by from Friday's Letters... It's ridiculously hot for this time of year here in Tennessee! I love spring but it didn't get the memo to stay awhile! :)

    Lauren @ Aunt LaLa

  5. It's hot here too and I am not loving it!! It's supposed to be in the 90's this weekend and humid! Yuck!

  6. thanks for including the conversion because I was scratching my head! I hope it cools down for you just a little because being too hot isn't very fun! loved your letters this week, thanks for linking up!