Normal baby

So Nora had her special appointment with the pediatrician today.  And as we suspected - nothing is wrong with my baby.  If you remember, our family doctor told us that there was an issue with Nora because she was in the 9th percentile for weight so we were referred to the COPC at Hotel Dieu to see a pediatrician.  When we got there today, the nurse was so friendly and nice and really put us at ease.  And she told me that with her 20+ years of experience as a pediatric nurse, she didn't think anything was wrong with Nora but she'd let the Dr. confirm that lol.  When we saw Dr. Moore, she told us that Nora is the perfect weight for her height.  She is only in the 15th percentile for height but with a smaller Mom and a Dad who started out smaller too, it's NORMAL.  I guess during the first 6 months of life, babies are supposed to double their birth weight, from 6-18 months it's called genetic weight gain and it's mostly based on their height and how the babies parents were.  So Nora is perfectly fine where she is.  And I feel SO MUCH BETTER now.

And this is how Nora was at dinner time - I really don't think my baby has a problem with eating lol.
It was spaghetti night :)

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  1. Great news! We got happy news today, too. Baby K is FINALLY in the 8th percentile for weight so at least he is gaining now.

  2. What great news!! :)
    See the doctors freaked you out over nothing!