The Nutcracker

As part of my Christmas present this year, my parents purchased tickets for myself, Nora, my sister and my Mom to attend the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Nutcracker.  I was so excited that we were able to go to this together.  Danie and I used to go every year as kids. 

My mom, Nora and Danie at the Concert Hall

The Girls doing a selfie before the show

Nora looking out the window, trying to use up some energy before the show started.

Nora and I talking about the ballet.

Nora and Grandma posing by the entrance to our seats.

Waiting patiently for the show to start, holding her new ballerina (that she suckered me into buying for her lol).

Selfie with Mommy (this is her new excited face, it totally cracks me up!)

Getting excited about the orchestra warming up.

Meeting the dancers after the ballet.  She was so pumped to see them and we even had her program autographed.  They were so friendly and so nice to her too.

Nora and Auntie Danie at intermission playing with her doll.

All in all, it was an awesome experience.  She made it through the whole two hours, and only fell asleep for the VERY LAST NUMBER.  She woke up during the curtain call and clapped for everyone and yelled yay.  It was adorable.  I can't wait to continue this tradition with her, and when Annika is old enough with her as well.
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