Fab Friday and Fridays Letters

Normally I don't do two link ups in one day let alone combine the two of them - but these are both TOO good to pass up!!


Dear Husband,
You are awesome - thank you for letting Norabear and I travel for 5 days without you.  We had a wonderful trip but we are also so very thankful to be back home with you.  We both missed you lots!
Love your wife!

Dear Norabear,
You are also awesome!  World's best little traveler.  You slept on the airplane both times, and you didn't complain too much about your routine being messed up.  AND now that we are back home, you are napping on your schedule and sleeping through the night, and you are completely weaned.  I love you so much!!
Love your Momma!

Dear Squishy/Timbit,
We still can't decide what nickname we want to give you, but we are so thankful for you.  Very happy that I've made it through the first trimester officially (as of Tuesday! woot woot!), on a sidenote, do you think maybe you could get rid of the sick feeling though, I'm hoping it doesn't last the whole pregnancy lol.  Can't wait to hear your little heartbeat at my next dr's appointment!!
Love your Momma!

Dear OPI,
Thank you so much for making those quick dry drops.  If y'all haven't tried them - go buy them NOW!!  I did my manicure at my sister's house last Friday.  It is now one week later and my nails are only now starting to chip a teensy bit.  This stuff is AWESOME!!
Love, a happy consumer

Some fabulous things happening for us right now!
1. We are hosting friends for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow night (cuz it's Thanksgiving up here in Canada this weekend!) and I'm making a turkey and stuffing and I'm so excited to be doing this.
2. I made it through the 1st trimester!! YAY!  
3. It was my 30th birthday on Tuesday.  And even though I taught dance for 5.5 hours that night, it was an awesome night, my students brought cupcakes and sang me happy birthday so it was quite fun.
4.  I'm heading to Triple Threat Dance Convention this time next week - I can not wait!  I haven't been to Triple Threat in about 5 years so it should be a real blast!  And it's also going to be my first official weekend away from Norabear. Ever.  I'm nervous yet excited.  And very happy that we are done with bfing now too lol.

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

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  1. Hello, 2nd Trimester! and Happy, Happy Birthday :) I'm glad you had a good one.

  2. Happy 30th Birthday to you!!!

  3. I'm sorry...all I read was "made it through the 1st trimester," and I'm doing somersaults for you. ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Yay for making it through the 1st trimester.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

    Visiting from Laura's (Between The Lines)

  5. You have so many amazing things happening right now! New pregnancy, big birthday, awesome little traveller - AND YOU GET TO WEAR MATERNITY PANTS TO THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!