Winner Winner!!!

Congratulations to Miss Randalin over at Harvesting Kale for winning my Birthday Giveaway.  I honestly had so much fun picking stuff out for that - that I might just do another one in the near future!!  Yay for Giveaways!!

It's been a busy week around here (hence the lack of posting lol).  Let's start from the top:

Last Saturday:
- we hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at our house (we had another couple come over) and I was SUPER sick all day, so Paul cooked the turkey, made the potatoes, made the stuffing, and pretty much did everything.  Did I mention I have an amazing husband???
- Nora went to bed at 6:30pm... which meant she was up at 1am wanting to play.  Not so much fun.

Last Sunday:
- still felt sick.  Slept in late because I didn't sleep during the night because someone was playing lol.
- had to go to work at the mall.  Thank goodness it was floor set - so it was just rearranging shelves and and clothes and stuff, so it was an easy 4 hour shift.

Last Monday:
- still didn't feel so hot.  And Paul was sick too.  So we spend the majority of the day lounging on the couch, snuggling with Nora, watching TV and taking naps.  And eating homemade turkey soup that my awesome husband also made!

- feeling a tad bit better - had to teach dance for 5.5 hours.  And the studio was 15 degrees Celsius (which is 59 F).  Workplace Health and Safety mandates that it must be 18 degrees (64.4F).  So by the time I left, my toes were frozen and I was SO cold.  And pissy lol.

- I had my first shift back at the gym on base, I work in the membership office.  It was pretty slack and easy and I remember most stuff so that was nice. 
- I taught at 3:30 but I pick up one of my students from her bus stop so she isn't super late for class - turns out, her bus was running late, so we got to the studio 1 minute before class was supposed to start and the AD of the studio was already in there, teaching my class, after having yelled at my students for being late and being bad and pretty much made them cry.  I was fuming.  And then she didn't stick around to talk to me about it after.  I'm very fed up with how things are going.  AND the heat still wasn't on so I went home sick part way through the night.

- Second training shift at the gym.  I'm ready for my solo shift next week - it shouldn't be too bad :)
- Taught tonight, still no heat.  Halfway through my second class the AD comes in and asks if I'm warm enough and I said NO.  I was wearing: a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a pair of yoga pants, a pair of capri pants over that, two pairs of socks and a scarf.  DO YOU THINK I'M WARM ENOUGH????  And she finally turned the heat on.  So I guess that's a good thing, but now it means I can't complain to the labour board about it lol.  I think I still might, but I'm not sure.

Tomorrow - I leave for a weekend of dancing in Toronto.  I'm going to the Triple Threat Dance convention and I'm pretty excited for it.  The only sadness of it is that this is the first time that I'm leaving Nora.  Like ever.  I'll be gone for Friday, Saturday and coming home Sunday night.  She'll be with Paul so it's not a huge deal, but I'm still nervous about it!

Happy Friday Eve!!

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited about winning the giveaway :)

    I'm sorry you've been feeling crummy. I guess it's just the time of year - I've noticed a lot of people are sick lately.

    Have an amazing weekend in Toronto! Leaving little ones for the first time is always tough, but you'll have so much fun and she gets some special one on one time with her dad.