Project 365 - Week 4

Linking up with Laura again :)  I've made it 4 weeks! YESSSS!!  This week has been a longer week, Nora has been teething like crazy and has been super fussy.  But thankfully - it's Sunday and a new week is starting :)  I have more than 7 pictures but that's because I actually used my REAL camera for some of my pics this week and wanted to show off some of the things I did hehe.

 Sunday - My craft lair - that's our basement - it's a disaster right now.  My February goal is to have it looking perfect, I'll let you guys know how it goes lol.
 Monday - Eating Pears for the first time - she seemed to enjoy it, for the most part.  She was more interested in what the dog was doing at this point in time though lol.
 Tuesday - Hanging out in Mom and Dad's bed.  I love how she just sits on her own now and loves to be a "big" girl.  It's adorable.
 Wednesday - The Otter Squadron 3rd Year wives get together almost every Wednesday for "coffee" mornings.  It's a nice thing to look forward to during the week.  This is Nora and Tianna (she was our flower girl for the wedding too).  Tianna wanted to hold Nora so badly but Nora didn't really want to be held... can you tell??
 Thursday - Bath Time!!  We have discovered that Nora absolutely LOVES water.  We took her to the pool this week too and she adores it.  Hopefully we can go tonight (if Daddy gets home from work at a reasonable hour lol).
 Friday - so no crawling yet - just a lot of rolling lol.  She was SUCH a happy baby on Friday, it was awesome :)
 This is another Friday picture - after all of that rolling, she was a tired little lady lol.  This was taking using my "real" camera and using the colour dropper function (that is totally not the real name but that's what I call it).  I used pink as the colour focus because I liked how it showed her pink little cheeks.
 I also used blue as the colour focus.
And then green :)
 Saturday - with all of her rolling, she managed to turn her play mat upside down, it was adorable.  I was still using the colour focus, and I had it focused on the pink, but it does seem to be picking up the blue a little bit in this picture.  I'm glad I pulled out my real camera - it's not our big one, it's just a little Canon PowerShot SD1100IS Digital Elph.  But hey, it's better than just using the iPhone all the time, right??


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  1. Cute's so fun to play with post-processing isn't it? Last night, I'd intended to just upload my pics, do a basic preset and be done. Hours later...I was finally shutting down the computer and going to bed!
    Thanks for stopping by and congrats on getting through the first 4 weeks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by here too :) I could spend HOURS playing with photos on my computer - it's dangerous lol.

  2. I love my iPhone! It takes pretty good pictures considering it's a phone.. and I find myself using it more than my camera even these days.. crazy.. huh?

    Cute pictures!

    1. I use my iPhone for almost everything now. I'm pretty addicted to it lol. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Your craft area has so much room for activities! lol Love.

    1. It's pretty much our entire basement (because it's unfinished), I share it with the washer and dryer lol.