This is going to be a quick Fab Friday post for me today - I have to finish PACKING!!

This Friday is SO FAB because I'm heading to Toronto for the weekend to participate in Triple Threat Dance Convention.  It's a super awesome Canadian dance convention that I used to do every year when I was younger.  But since I've been in Ontario - I've obviously missed it for the past 3 years.  But they are coming to Toronto - which is only 3 hours away from us and I'm teaching so I actually get to take 3 of my students to it this year!!

And on top of that, as part of my birthday present - I have $150 to spend on merchandise from the convention - I am such a dance clothes addict.  I own so many pairs of yoga pants, dance tops, sweatshirts from conventions, tshirts from shows and studios I've worked at and danced at.  And Triple Threat is no different - I've always bought a least a shirt, if not the whole sweatsuit outfit from them.  So I'm pretty stoked for this.

It's also my FIRST EVER TIME AWAY FROM NORA.  She's almost 16 months old.  And I've never left her for longer than 10 hours.  I'm so nervous to leave her for the entire weekend, but she'll be at home with Daddy so it'll be all good.  Hopefully lol.  I'll probably call them lots lol.  Thank goodness for iPhones and FaceTime :)

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU ALL - Hope it's a Fab Day for everyone!!!

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful time at the dance convention..

    Visiting from Laura's from (Between The Lines)..

  2. Have lots of fun ! Nora will be just fine :)

  3. Sounds like you have a pretty nice weekend planned! Thanks for linking up, Karen!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I hope it was great!

  5. Hey lady! Founding you via Harvesting Kale. :) I'm a military wife too! & ♥ your little lady's name!

    Newest follower. I'm having a giveaway + hosting a blog hop right now-- love to have you!

    ♥Nicole @