Friday?? Seriously?? It's Friday already.  This week has flown by.  In fact, this month has flown by.  On Sunday Nora will be 7 months old!  That is insane to me.  That also means I have 4 days to get my FB and Etsy page up and running.  I gave myself a goal to have my little shop open and running by February 1st.... I sure hope I can get everything done in time.  And on top of that - RMC being the lovely institution that it is, has scheduled a working weekend for the guys.  So Paul is at work ALL WEEKEND long.  No break for this momma, which kind of sucks.  I know I should be thankful that Paul is here and not deployed and not away for training but that's what makes it suck for me - he is here and he can't be home to spend time with me and Nora.  

And my complaining brings me to a new topic - Gratitude journals.  My new pal Sarah (over at Life is What You Make It) talks about Grateful Mondays where she lists everything that she was grateful for over the past week.  I think I need to do that more often.  As I was showering this morning (because that's really the only time I get to myself other than naptime lol)  I was thinking that I've been pretty negative lately - and not just about stuff in my life, I've been negative about other people too.  It's hard to stay positive sometimes and you get sucked into what other people are saying and thinking.  So my "goal" for February is to start a Gratitude Journal where I have to find at least ONE thing every day that I'm grateful for and ONE thing about a person that I'm grateful for every day - especially the people that have been bugging me so much lately.  

It's been pretty grey and miserable here lately, the temperature has been wonderful - hovering around plus 5 degrees Celsius, which for January is AMAZING.  But I want winter.  I want my snow.  I live in Canada - land of SNOW.  It was raining on Wednesday, and it rained so much that there was absolutely no snow left on the ground .... BUT it's snowing right now.  :)  Big fluffy flakes.  Hopefully it will stay for a little bit - I want to get some more use out of Nora's sled before we have to turn it back into a wagon.

Sorry for the randomness of Friday - I'm going to try to blog more next week and maybe participate in some link ups :)  Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I love the Gratitude idea! We could all benefit from being more grateful/positive. It does get hard in the winter when it is so gray, cold, and dreary to feel happy all the time.

  2. just saw this now! you are so sweet, thank you for shout out!

    love doing my journal. I was so tired of being such a negative nancy and this is a great way to keep positive and look for the good things during the day! i encourage you to do one.