Monday Miscellany

1. I went to a Pampered Chef party tonight.  It was fun.  I'm also hosting my own party next month now lol.  And they were trying to convince me that I need to be a rep... but I already sell Stampin Up so I think Paul would kill me if I took on something else too lol.

2.  Nora is a rolling machine now.  You set her down on one side of the living room - turn your back for two seconds and she's moved 8 feet lol.  She's totally going to be crawling before we realize it's happening.

3.  It was plus 8 today.  (that's Celsius - not Farenheit lol).  Which is warm.  Really warm for January in Canada.  The snow we had on the ground - well it's mostly melted now.  It makes me a little bit sad.  I wanted winter this year lol.

4.  We are trying to save money.  It's hard.  But this week for groceries, we spent $80 and that got us EVERYTHING... so hopefully we can start to cut down the money we are spending on "extras".

5.  I'm trying to get my online shop and fb page ready to go this week.  We want to launch for February 1st.  It's a crash course in web crap for me.  Makes me nervous.  But I think I can do it.  I hope I can do it.   

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