Project 365 - Week 20

Linking up with the Lovely Laura again on this BEAUTIFUL Sunday for Project 365.  It is gorgeous here today - so we are planning on enjoying the weather outside.  Hope it's just as nice for you guys wherever you may be.

Day 133 - Happy 1st Mother's Day to me!  Paul took us to church, and then to brunch at the Toucan and then my loving, caring husband took me for gelati.  It was delicious.  We had strawberry, marshmallow and vanilla blueberry as our 3 flavours.  I LOVED IT.  Nora also made me a card. :)
 Day 134 - We have birds that are trying to build a next on our front porch next to my tomato plants.  It's very weird.  We keep sweeping the nest pieces away but they keep trying.
Day 135 - Daddy had his first baseball game of the season today - somebody was REALLY tired after being outside in the sunshine lol.
 Day 136 - Nora tried watermelon for the first time today - she seemed to like it.  She also had pancakes too :)
 Day 136 - I know 2 pictures for one day - BUT - our good friends had their baby girl on this day - Rohwyn Cailah Ann.  So we went to meet her in the hospital.  She's a cutie with a TON of hair :)
 Day 137 - Another baseball game day - but it was really cold outside so we hung out in the car to watch.  Nora had TipTop (her giraffe) and her puffs so she was a happy camper lol
Day 138 - RMC Graduation Commissioning Parade.  Nora and her Daddy all dressed up :)
 Day 139 - Somehow, Nora crawled under the table, then under the chair and got herself stuck and was trying to climb out through the chair openings.  I should have helped right away, but I took pictures instead because it was funny lol.  I'm a mean mommy lol.

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