Project 365 - Week 21

Linking up with the lovely Laura again :)

 Day 141 - It was Nora's friend Connor's 3rd birthday today.  This is Nora and her pal Tianna, hanging out in the pool - it was plus 29 C with a humidex of plus 35 C (84 F with a humidex of 95F for you Americans lol).

 Day 142 - It was Victoria Day here in Canada (our May holiday) and we decided to take a nice road trip down to Watertown NY.  And we hit up my FAVE place, Panera Bread.  Nora also enjoyed it as well. :)

 Day 143 - Our doctor's appointment to see the pediatrician.  She was excited to eat her mum mum while waiting.

 Day 144 - Spaghetti time for Nora :)

 Day 145 - Nora and I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight - she was enthralled with the dancing.  And as a dance teacher Momma, that makes me SO HAPPY!!

 Day 146 - My diapers on my new clothesline.  Which has since broken and needs to be repaired, but at least my diapers dried lol.

 Day 147 - Kingston Scotland Festival - Had a blast with Colin, Christina, Tianna, Rohwyn, Paul and Nora :)

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  1. We still haven't braved spaghetti with the little one. It should be fun! Cute photos :)