Good Intentions

So the last time I posted was in January.  I had good intentions of starting to blog regularly again, unfortunately life got in the way of that lol.  February was super busy for us with Paul heading up north to do Arctic Survival for 2 weeks.  I would say I felt sorry for him...but I didn't really lol.  Yes, it was cold.  Yes, he had no internet or phone service.  Yes, he had to build an igloo and sleep in it.  But, he did learn how to survive if his plane ever goes down up north.  Then he came home for a week, we started packing up our house and getting organized and then he left again for California for 2 weeks with work.  That's why I don't feel so bad that he was up north lol.  And of course, the day he left, it snowed again here.  He did make it up to me a little bit, he bought me 9 boxes of Girl Scout cookies :) 

 He got back from that, and we signed the papers for our house, got our Frogboxes, packed and moved. 

 And now we are in our new home.  It's been a whirlwind of time but now things are slowing down a TEENSY bit and it's more relaxing now that we are in our own house with SO much space.  Seriously, I knew our PMQ was small, but man, I have SO much room.  
We have an empty living room on the main floor because we have a rec room in the basement where our living room furniture is.  It's crazy.  So that's what's happening in our world right now.  I'm planning on a comeback this month, I have SO much I want to blog about and get out there, so hopefully with some planning, I will be able to.  Hope everyone out there has a wonderful Easter weekend and Happy Passover to those of you who celebrate that this weekend!!

Much love,

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