Happy December!!

I was going to post last night - but man oh man was yesterday a busy day.  We had Santa pictures at LightGraph at 9:45, I worked at the gym from 10:45-4:15 and then we had to head out to Gan for the Santa Claus Parade since the dance studio was dancing in it.  By the time we got home (and I thawed out from being so cold lol) I was exhausted and completely forgot to write a post lol.

Nora did okay with Santa.  Last year was much better lol - she had no idea what was going on.  This year she has a bit of shyness with strangers so she didn't want ANYTHING to do with Santa.  It makes me so glad that Pam had Santa come to her house and it was just us, Santa and Pam in the room.  She seemed to warm up after a little bit and the photos I've seen so far are awesome :)  Here's a sneak peak!
Isn't she just the cutest??  I know, I know, I'm totally biased because she's my baby lol.

Work was work, nothing too exciting there.  I have a few more shifts at the gym this month which is nice.  It means I'm able to get more hours for maternity leave.  I've kind of stopped counting to figure out how many I still need because it just starts to stress me out.  I only need 600 hours but I think I'm only halfway there... which means I might not get enough, but I don't want to even think about that.

Then after I was done work, we headed out to Gan for the Santa Parade.  It was SO COLD out.  I think the temperature was about -5C (not sure of the conversion to F) but it was chilly and Norabear got super cold.  I was very happy when we were finished lol.  Unfortunately on the dance front, things aren't looking too good.  There's a meeting tomorrow night and then I'll have more details on the future of my teaching there.  I'm worried but relieved that they are finally doing something about it.  For now here are some pics of my awesome students and parade fun time!

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  1. Nora is such a cutie!

    That Santa on the other hand doesn't really look like Santa! Maybe that's why she did ok with him. Charlie refuses...absolutely refuses!!

  2. Love the santa photo. I still haven't braved that with K.