It's A.............

We had our first ultrasound this past week and it was an.... interesting experience lol.  We told our ultrasound technician that we wanted to know what we were having but that we didn't want them to tell us out loud.  We had a resident and the normal technician in there and they were a little bit confused by our request.  We then told them that we had a "date" with our photographer right after!  The ultrasound itself went well,  except for the part where I got sick lol.  And the part where Baby Hansen did not co-operate for the 3D pictures. 
We then headed out to meet Pam our photographer.  And she did an AWESOME job.

 Waiting to reveal whether it's a Boy or a Girl
 Super cute Big Sister
 Getting ready for the big moment!
 The balloon surprise is ready and waiting to be revealed!
 It's A..........

 As you can see by my facial expression - I was SUPER surprised!
 Best hug ever. :)
Our little family - with my hubby is in AF aviators and his Movember mustache.  Side note - does anyone else see the resemblance to Goose from Top Gun???
 Cutest big sister ever!  She was pretty happy to play with the balloons lol.

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  1. This is the cutest idea EVER!! Congratulations!!

  2. I don't know how I missed this post! But congratulations on another girl! Having two girls so close in age will make for best friends forever. They are truly lucky girls!