Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

1.  Our diaper service will no longer be servicing our town.  It’s kind of frustrating.  We were only given 1 ½ weeks notice.  So now we must decide wash them ourselves or go back to disposables.  I love how Nora has no diaper rash because of cloth diapers and I love how she knows when she’s wet, so I think I’m just going to suck it up and wash them myself.  Any advice from Mom’s out there who wash their own cloth diapers??

2. I had a Pampered Chef party last night it was really fun.  But I was once again reminded just how different life is civilian vs. military.  My mil wives were on one side of the room, civi wives on the other side.  And I sat in the exact middle.  It was a little bit awkward for me, but it didn’t seem too bad for them I don’t think.  Or maybe it was, I don’t know lol.

3.  I had an issue with Facebook last week.  And I kind of lost it.  I was so upset that I turned the icons on my phone into shakey little scared fellas and deleted it off my phone right then and there.  I’ve been back on twice on my computer due to a Pampered Chef Party I hosted and put the event on facebook I had to see who was coming and how many people were coming lol.  Other than that, I’m done for awhile.  It was causing me far too much angst.

4.  So since I’m not on Facebook I introduced my Mom to Twitter and Pinterest.  And she’s so cute at it.  HI MOM!!!!  She reads my blog so I have no problem with her reading my twitter updates.  My inlaws on the other hand read neither and I hope to keep it that way for now. But we’ll see, somehow they will probably find my blog and my twitter account too.

5.  The weather here sucks right now.  It’s nice and then it’s cold and then it’s nice and then it’s cold.  I mean, it could be worse but it’s wreaking havoc on my skin.  My hands went from being really nice to being SUPER dry.

6.  I downloaded new fonts onto my laptop.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  If this turns out, this one was typed with Milk and Cereal and I like to think that it looks a little bit like my own handwriting but really nothing like it all lol.  The l’s are the same, but that’s about it hehehe.

7.  I ordered three books from Amazon last week..  Ok wait, I just checked the email I ordered them on Sunday.  I received them via the UPS man today.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to read them.  One is an organizing book, one is a devotional type book and the third is a true story book.  I will post reviews on them when I’m done.

8.  I can’t get enough of Party Popcorn.  I found it on pinterest via this link She Wears Many Hats And I’m obsessed now.  I’ve made it in pink, and blue and now green.  And it’s yummy.  Oh so yummy.

9.  Something big happened in town today.  And I’m not allowed to talk about it.  And it’s killing me.  But I’m not supposed to know anything about it.  That’s what happens when ALL email accounts go to the iPad, even the ones I’m not supposed to see.  GAH.  Once it’s in the news I guess I can talk about it.

10.  We are finally starting to make our home look lived in and decorate like a family home.  Not a bachelor pad.  And it’s awesome.  I’m so excited.  We are putting a shelf over our couch and now I can have a holiday area to put all my knick-knacky stuff celebrating everything like St. Patty’s Day and Easter and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Oh Pinterest you have ruined my life lol.


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  1. Do you have any questions about washing? I totally forgot you used a diaper service!! I wonder why they're quitting. Not getting enough business? I'll bet they would here. There are so many cloth diapering moms around post. These Candadians have THE BEST ideas. I'm still loving the Stars and Strollers thing, too. If only we had that here.

    1. They service a couple of different towns/cities and they just weren't getting enough business out here so they decided to stop. I wish they had given us more notice though. And I'm glad you think that us Canadians have good ideas :)

  2. -washing diapers isn't as bad as you think it is :P
    -We had a proffesional organizer at the babies first meeting i went to last night. it was neat, made me realise that i'm acutally pretty orgnanised. it's just on pause since baby number two.
    -we've lived in this house for two years and it still has MANY blank walls :P