Project 365 - Week 8!!

Woohoo!!!  I've done this challenge for almost 2 full months now (8 weeks is approx 2 months, right???)  I'm so happy I've kept up with it.  And I think my mom is too ( HI MOM!!!)  She reads my blog sometimes :)

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Shout out to her (I won something in her Bloggiversary giveaway and I was SOOOO freaking excited to find that out!)  Love this link  up :)

Sunday - we went for a walk downtown - this was at the toystore.  I want to get it for Nora for her 1st birthday.  Paul says no - it's kind of expensive lol.

Monday - Family Day here in Ontario so everyone had the day off.  We stayed at home and hung out.  Nora played with Bianca (her 1st Cabbage Patch Kid) and Daddy played with his Xbox.

Tuesday - we drove up to Ottawa to check out the new Ikea.  It's huge.  Largest one in Canada.  Had a blast.  I wanted to buy everything.  Unfortunately we drive a Honda Civic.  Not really big enough to bring everything back home lol.

Wednesday - Hanging out on the couch with Mommy.

Thursday - the first of Daddy's playoff hockey games - this is how prepared we are.  And we also come with a snack bag for Mommy lol.

Friday - we woke up to winter again.  Thursday there was absolutely no snow on the ground and we were in spring jackets.  Friday - not so much. 

Saturday - Daddy took Nora grocery shopping while I was able to clean the house.  It was awesome.  He took this picture for me, they were at Costco and she rode in the cart like a big girl!  I can't believe how big she is now.

Speaking of big - we had to raise the exersaucer up a level so she wasn't bending her knees like crazy!  What a big girl!!

And another Saturday pic - Daddy and Nora bought me flowers at Costco.  He said Nora chose the colour - he gave her two options and this is the one she kept going back to.  :)

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  1. Family days, pretty flowers, and a sweet family- you are one lucky lady! I'm glad you seem to have had a pretty good week :)