So What If....

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So what Wednesday

So what if ..

- I didn’t make dinner tonight and had a Dr. pepper and cheese and crackers instead I’m not hungry yet lol
- I let my daughter watch Sesame street while I do laundry or clean house, I know she’s a baby but she likes the music and colours.
- it’s snowing and I didn’t shovel the driveway for my husband.
- Nora doesn’t always sleep in her crib in her room and sometimes she sleeps in the playpen in our room.
- paul doesn’t get the “job” he wants at rmc I still love him to death and am proud of him no matter what.
- I’m not going back to work when my mat leave is done thank goodness for having the entire year to decide that lol.
- facebook drives me crazy and I deleted it from my phone I think it’s made my life much better and I don’t get as upset or angry.
- paul and I want another baby sooner rather than later.  It’s our choice.  Not anyone else’s.  so stop judging.  Ugh.  
- i ignore when some people try to skype with me, just because my computer is on and my skype is "on" it doesn't always mean I'm sitting in front of my computer waiting for you to skype me.  in fact - I like to check with people to make sure they are available for a skype before I randomly call them EVEN if their skype says that they are online.
- I just want to sit on the couch and snuggle with nora all night we had a rough sleep last night and she’s snuggly today so it’s nice :)

also - does anyone want a postcard/card/or fun package from Canada?? I miss snail mail and would love to send a package to someone - first 33three people to comment (and email your address to me - hansen.kea At will get something fun from me in the month of March!!!

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  1. I hope you have a boy ♥ I love my little guys snuggles. Then everyone will tell you that you have the millionaires family/ million dollar family. I'm not sure where that saying comes from...Og, and now that Elijah's back to work, having two is actually pretty easy! You're alot more organized than me, I'm pretty sure you'd rock it even if you had quadruplets haha. I could just see "quints by surprise: the military edition, starring Karen and Paul"

    1. Lmao - I sure hope it's not "Quints by suprise", I may be organized but I don't think I'm THAT organized lol. I hope we have a boy too lol.

  2. Ah Love that you are doing mailings from Canada. How fun! :) Also love your list..