Project 365 - week 9

Linking up with Laura again at Between The Lines!  It's been a crazy busy week for us, and we've all been sick at some point this week.  CURSE YOU spring/winter colds.  And Nora has been teething again too (but still no teeth), so some nights have been fairly brutal lol.

Sunday - She finally fell asleep on the couch.  Arms wide open.  It was really cute - they stayed like that for almost 2 hours lol.

Monday - We received some new clothes from one of Paul's squadron mates for Nora.  So we dressed her up in them and put her on the couch for a mini photo shoot.  The sweater is SO cute. 

Tuesday - She was BEYOND excited to sit in her high chair tonight for some reason.  And her shirt says "I have the Best Aunt Ever"  That's for you Danielle!!

Wednesday - It was a sad day at RMC today.  One of the students went missing at the end of Reading Week and his body was found in Navy Bay on Tuesday evening.  Rest In Peace.

Wednesday - I also took a Nora picture for Wednesday because I didn't want to be sad all day.  We went shopping and I dressed her in her teddy bear snowsuit.  She doesn't really like it but I love it.

Thursday - She was so tired and didn't want to nap - I found her like this after 5 minutes of "playing" on the floor.  Sure, you weren't tired, were you??

Friday - RMC does a 24 bike-a-thon every year in support of Soldier On. They raised over $5000 this year I think.  Anyways,  Paul decided to do the 24 hours himself.  Usually they do it as a squadron and take shifts but a few CRAZIES do it themselves.  Otter Squadron's theme was Back to the '80's.  So Nora and I got dressed up too (as soon as I get some pics of my outfit, I'll post them too lol).  But here's Nora and her Daddy, all decked out.  We found Paul's outfit at the thrift store, and Nora... well that's all stuff we own for her.  I might be obsessed with BabyLegs lol.

Saturday - the last 5 minutes of the Bike-a-thon.  It was down to Paul and Dave, the old guy vs. the young guy.  Otter Squadron is all the UTPNCM's (so they were in the forces already and switched to the Officer trade), the regular RO's are 18-21, UT's are 27-45ish lol. They were pretty much tied the entire time so they decided to just giver at the end.  I thought Paul was going to die when he finished lol.  He looked exhausted.  And he slept from 8pm last night until 10am this morning.  Nora's crying didn't even wake him up lol.

And my final picture of the week - Paul biked 506.13 kilometres in 24 hours.  He beat Dave by .06km.  WAY TO GO SWEETIE!!!!

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