Happy New Years!

New year. New start. I have big plans for my blog this year - the number one goal being to actually write blog posts on a regular basis lol. 

2015 was definitely a learning year for us - with buying a new home, Paul being away for 4 months, coming home and then leaving again for a month coming home for three days and leaving for two weeks again lol. I'm sure that 2016 will bring more traveling for all of us and I'm excited for what the year has in store for our family. 

Wishing all of y'all a wonderful New Year full of love and happiness!!

Here's to 2016!!


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  1. Hey! That's my goal this year too, It's now been 15 days, where's your posts? Lol.
    Here's a reminder from one USAF spouse to another (:

    1. Oops, I guess I should have read your About page before I assumed, US to RC.