January Goals

New Year. New Month. New Goals. 

I think this year instead of doing a few big resolutions, I'm going to try to follow last year's plan of attack with several small goals each month. It's easier to stick to them and then I can do a recap every month to keep myself somewhat accountable. 

Except that it's already the 19th of January and I've fallen behind on my number one goal which was to blog more consistently lol.  I guess that's what happens when life gets in the way.  We got back from our holiday out west and then I went back to work full time.  I was only supposed to be part time in January but I'm working 4-5 days per week now (which I'm really not complaining about because it's good money - but it's just not the schedule I had envisioned for this month lol).  SO ANYWAYS, back to the goal setting, I'm revamping a little bit since the month is almost done, but I have a few things that I want/need to get done before February.

1.  Make at least 10 Valentine's hair bow.  They don't have to be for my Etsy store, I just need to get making them again.  I miss creating.

2.  Speaking of creating - clean/organize the craft room.  There's a possibility we may be turning the craft room into a spare bedroom and if that's the case, my craft area will move into part of the playroom in the basement.  That isn't a problem, it just means I actually need to clean it and be far more organized about things.  Because if the craft area is part of the playroom - nothing can be left out in case the girls decide they want to "play" with Mommy's craft things.

3.  Clean the van out.  There are random socks, candy wrappers, pieces of cereal and goldfish, mittens, you name it, it's probably in the van.  It's been so cold out lately that we've been slacking on this but it's really starting to irritate me lol.

4.  Continue to meal plan.  We've been doing not too badly with sticking to our meal plan since we got home.  This week has been a little bit tougher because we've had more activities than normal and it's been colder than usual so even though we have to go out - we've wanted to hibernate lol.  

I think I'll stick with just the 4 goals for now, since January is over in like a week and a half.  Seriously - 2016 is flying by already, it's insane.

Hope y'all have a great week!!


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