Tuesday Ten

Happy Tuesday!!

Here are some random, rambling thoughts for you today :)

1. We were supposed to get a huge winter storm overnight. I woke up to sunshine and cold weather but not 5-10cm of snow. Funniest part of this winter storm - the base shut down early yesterday and was minimum manning all day today. With no storm.

2. I can't believe how much French Bear can speak now. It's unbelievable. For a child that's only been in French since September- she can fluently speak the language and she has an amazing French accent as well. I only hope that she continues to do this well throughout her schooling.

3. I hate disruption of schedules for Bug. She's been having a bit of a rough time since Bean was born - trying to find her place and that's normal. However - Momma is tired of all the accidents. They usually happen after Paul either goes away or right after he comes back from a trip. And she will do so well for a few weeks and then bam - it sucks. Argh. I'll just keep being patient with her and hope that we can end them soon.

4. Perks to Paul going away - I get the king size bed to myself. Downfall - there are usually at least 2 out of 3 kids in the bed by the time I wake up lol. Downfall of him coming home - I have to actually sleep on my side of the bed lol.

5. I spent the day rearranging some things in our bedroom and moving a dresser that was used in the dining room for paperwork into the bedroom to use for Paul's overflowing closet. Do you think he has enough blue work shirts??

6. I miss Target. I know a lot of people in Canada didn't really care for it and thought it was overpriced. But I really enjoyed being able to just browse the aisles and search for good deals. And the dollar spot. I think I miss Target the most when I'm trying to plan birthday parties. Sometimes it's hard to find good party supplies up here for good prices.

7. I miss Disney. And so do my children. We dealt with an epic meltdown at bedtime on Sunday with Bear screaming Disney at the top of her lungs in between sobs. Can we say 5 going on 15??? I do feel her pain though. I definitely miss the Magic.

8. Bean is in the I only want Mommy phase of her life. Sometimes it's nice and I love the snuggles especially because she's most likely (well according to Paul she definitely is but I can bring myself to say it yet) our last baby but sometimes I just want to put her down so I can get stuff done. Today, she was awesome and took a two hour nap and then sat on the bed and played while I was cleaning. Super thankful for that.

9. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It's a Wednesday Moms group day - a nice way to break up the week.

10. We had dinner and a movie downstairs tonight. It was fun, but I'm convinced that the girls probably don't eat as much as they should when we are watching something. We watched Brave I'm prepared for the likelihood on some bad dreams about bears tonight. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

Happy Tuesday y'all!!!

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