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So I figure I should finally tell Little Bean's birth story. Ya know, now that she's 6 months old!! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by since she was born - she seems so old yet still so brand new.

Her original due date according to my personal calculations should have been the 25th of August. According to my midwife, it was the 28th of August. In June I had been to the Women's hospital here for a special ultrasound because during my first one, the doctor and tech were concerned about the placement of my placenta. At the second ultrasound - everything turned out to be perfectly fine but they thought that my due date should be moved up to August 23.

August 23 came and went with absolutely no signs of labor. I thought for sure I would be early this time around. But I wasn't really too concerned, I was mostly just happy that Paul was home from being away for 6 weeks (he had left at the beginning of July for an exercise in Hawaii - poor guy lol).

For some strange reason - on the 25th of August, I decided to wear one of my nice maxi dresses, I made some cookies and went to visit my coworkers (and to also ask some questions about my ROE because my mat leave hadn't kicked in yet). And I took a picture. One of the few full body pregnant selfies I took. I felt a little bit off but I thought it was because I hadn't been sleeping well.

After I was done there we picked the girls up from daycare and had dinner. Then we headed to the volunteer appreciation night at the MFRC. I had called my mom earlier and had told her I was feeling off but definitely wasn't in labor yet. She offered to take the girls for a sleepover that night, whether I was in labor or not - so I could get a good nights sleep. While at the MFRC I definitely was feeling some contractions but I thought they were partially due to the fact that I was eating rich ice cream - and that doesn't always sit well with my stomach lol. Fast forward to 8pm - definitely feeling more contractions so I told Paul we needed to go home to let Bella out and I needed to call Jen my midwife. We left the MFRC quite quickly after saying goodbye to the girls and on the ride home I had three or four very strong contractions very close together. We called Jen and she said to meet her at the Birth Centre - I still wasn't convinced that I was in full labor but she said she would check things out and if I wasn't, she would just send me home. We got there and we were the only ones in the facility which was awesome. She checked and I was already at 4cm - she looked at me and said there was no way I was going home now lol. By now it was about 9:45pm. I labored in the birthing room which was an amazing room, it had a rocking chair, a birthing tub, a walk in shower, a queen size bed. By about 11:15 the contractions were much stronger so I decided to try the shower - went in for about 2 minutes and it was horrible - it made my back hurt more and I got cold and shaky. At that point Jen said we should do another check and lo and behold I was at almost 10cm. So I hopped into the birthing tub and immediately was warm and more relaxed. I told her I felt like I needed to push and she said to go right ahead. My very first push, my water broke - and that was when Paul said he wasn't going to get in the tub with me hahaha. Three more pushes and our little bean arrived into the world at 12:06am on August 26. She was so relaxed and having a water birth was seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life and such a great and positive birthing experience. The other different thing about the Birth Centre is that you don't stay long for recovery - by 3:30am we were leaving for our house to start our new life as a family of five. We even got to stop at McDonald's drive thru so I could eat something lol.

And that my friends - is Little Bean's birth story!

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