I am still pregnant. My due date is today. I am SO sick of getting questions from everyone about how I'm feeling, if I think I'm having contractions yet, etc etc. Obviously I don't mind Paul asking, or my mom asking because they're here and they see what I'm feeling. But seriously, if you don't know me that well, don't tell me how your pregnancy was. Don't tell me how you were 10 days late and it was awful. Don't tell me that I'm definitely not feeling real contractions because this hasn't happened yet. Everyone is different. Every birth is different. It's my body - I know what's going on. And no I'm not in labour yet and I KNOW THAT. UGH.

End rant.

On a happier note, my Dad got here this morning, so that's exciting. And as soon as he walked in the door, he asked where Paul was... turns out someone went golfing this morning with his boss, so I called them and my Dad went out to meet up with them lol. It's kinda funny, and cute lol. And so far this morning I have made approximately 48 sugar cookies. Just plain round ones. The plan is to put the initial of Baby Bear on the cookies for whoever wins the baby bet. But they don't get all 48 of them lol. And man are they delicious. I may have eaten 3 cookies for my mid morning snack already lol.

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  1. good rant :) On a random note, do you have any really super tasty from scratch cake recipes?