Monday Monday

So much to do... not enough hours in a day. But let me tell you, yesterday's extra hour - well, it was AWESOME! Nora actually slept until her normal time 8:30am, so I didn't have to worry about waking up at an awful hour of the morning. I started our wedding invitations yesterday - yes, I know I'm a little bit late in doing them, but most of the people who are being invited to the wedding, know when it is. And we were also waiting for confirmation of times from some people first. So now I'm set to finish them tonight/tomorrow.

Today has been a busy day so far, I went grocery shopping with Nora - did Costco with her in the Boba - that carrier has been a godsend when I do shopping on my own. I spend a little more than I was planning this week on groceries but I did buy enough meat to last us for at least 10-12 meals so we won't have to go back and get more for at least 2 weeks. I received our free Gevalia coffee that I signed up for on facebook today too. So no worrying about buying coffee for Paul for a bit.

I'd write more but I have an unhappy little camper who needs some cuddling right now. We have entered the world of teething - pink cheeks, immense amounts of drool, and little nubs trying to poke through her gums. So far she's been very well behaved for being teething but every once in awhile, she gets really upset.

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