So What Wednesday and Draw Something!

SO WHAT IF......

- I put my daughter in the grass today for the first time and she cried.  A lot.  And we took pictures of it lol.  
- I had a tea morning with some friends and all we ate was banana bread and lemon meringue pie.  And it was delicious.
- I went to a Pampered Chef Party and bought my husband's Father's Day gift there... it's for him to use not me lol.  But I'm really happy with it hehehe.
- I lost some Twitter followers.  I'm not TOO concerned about it... I don't think...
- I let my baby stay up late - I'm not going to force her to go to sleep, if she's not tired, she will just be miserable and that will make me be miserable.  I'd rather have her awake, happy and playing - than screaming in her crib because she doesn't want to sleep.
- I haven't started working out yet... I have good intentions, I went walking twice this week.  I have all of these workout videos that I really should just suck it up and do.  And I have a free membership to the gym on base (cuz I'm an employee there - yay for job benefits and perks).  I need to start.  STAT.  Because I'm going back to teaching!! In 4 months.  So I need to get my butt in gear. More to come on that.

And now onto Draw Something....

Linking up with the Lovely Major K (hehehehe).

Now I only remembered to take one picture this week... how bad is that??  At least I remembered though :)  One of my faves from this week was .....

What do ya think it is folks??? If you guessed TOASTER!! You are correct... even with my piece of gray toast... how weird is that? lol  I didn't have a brown colour lol.  Here's hoping I remember to take more pictures this week hehe.

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  1. I'm right there with you in the good intentions department. I wake up each morning saying "today i will start a workout routine." Annnd I till have yet to do it. :-/

  2. That's a good toaster! And of course I love that you called me Major K. haha I wonder if hubby will be equally amused. LOL Thanks for linking up!