Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
Thank you kindly for finally arriving.
I was waiting for you all week long.
Please try to arrive sooner next week.

Dear Stupid People (and there are lot's of you this week),
Please wake up and smell the coffee/roses or whatever else will wake you up.
You have caused me a lot of grief this week.
I would appreciate it if you could bugger off next week, I don't have any more patience, you completely used it up.
- Fed up Lady

Dear Back,
Please stop aching.  Stop spasming.  And please let me wake up not in pain.
Hunched shoulder girl

Dear Nora,
Please sleep through the night.  I hope your teeth stop bugging you soon. I want my always happy go lucky baby back.  Also, if you could try to fall asleep in your crib on your own, without Mommy having to rock you every night, that would also be awesome.  But please stop growing up so fast too.  
 Love your Mama

Dear Husband,
I am sooooooo proud of you this week - you are done 3rd year at RMC, with an awesome average.  And after the week we went through, I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns about everything you believe in.  You are awesome.
your faithful wifey

Dear World and God,
I have a friend who's been going through some really rough stuff in her life.  Today was her birthday and she had to help her daughter bury a child.  Please watch over her.  Help her to see that she is not alone.  And let her know that we all love her very much.
Love, A friend who cares

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