Hello December!

So life has been crazy nuts around here lately.  Paul has graduated from his ACSO course and we have officially been posted... to stay here!! WOOHOO!!  We are super happy that we get to stay in the same place, so the past few weeks have been consumed with HOUSE HUNTING!!  We found a beautiful house on the weekend, put an offer in on it, and someone else also had an offer in too (this city has some cray-cray real estate issues lol), and the other offered ended up getting accepted.  We were a bit bummed but that just meant that it wasn't the house that God had intended for us.  We looked at a few more on the weekend and today we looked at one in a neighbourhood we didn't think we could ever afford a house in, and it was beautiful.  And in our price range.  So we offered on it... they have until 6pm tomorrow night to either accept, counter or decline our offer - so if you're the praying type, can you send some prayers our way :)  Hope you have all had a wonderful December 1st :)

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