First Year is Complete!

After a full year of RMC fun, it's finally over.... and I only just now came up with the idea to blog my way through the 4 years here. I got the idea after visiting several Military Spouse blogs. They've been very cool to read and I thought, hey, maybe someone will want to read my ramblings.

So here's my story:
Otter Man (that's my SO in case you wondering lol) started at RMC last July. And after a year full of parade practices, exams, stress and not tooooo much fun but a little bit added in here and there, we've made it through. For those of you Americans who may visit the blog, RMC is the Royal Military College of Canada (and that's also for those of you Canadians who didn't know that lol). He's called Otter Man because he is doing UTPNCM, which stands for University Training Program for Non-Commissioned Members. He started out as an AVS technician for the Air Force and is now getting his Honours degree in Economics minoring in Politics at RMC. And that means that right now he is an Officer Cadet and when he graudates he'll be commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Air Force.

This first year has been difficult but thankfully I had some great friends, the Otter Wives. I'll talk more about them next time :)
That's all for now!


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