Longest Summer of my Life

This summer has been one of the longest summers of my life. P has been away since the 23rd of June. That's right, it's been 7 weeks since he's been at home. Unfortunately for him because he went UPTNCM, he had to redo basic training this summer. YUCK! lol. He's had an okay time but it's been pretty rough on both of us, this is the longest time we've been apart since we moved in together last summer. He has been able to come home on the weekends but I don't know if that's been better or worse for us, it's great to see him but it throws off my schedule, it throws Bella off (for those of you who don't know, Bella is our puppy), and I feel like I clean the house for him to come home on Friday, and then I spend the whole week recovering from him coming home.

And I've officially been an Ontario resident for a year now. It's been fun and it's been a wild ride. I love living here and this town is actually very nice.

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