One Week

ONE WEEK..... 7 long lonely days.... that is all that is left of this horrendous summer. It's been a rough day for me today - felt sick all morning, felt lonely and sad and just needed a hug. It sucks when your man is gone and can't comfort you. For the majority of the summer, I've at least been able to talk to him for 10-15 minutes every night and text a little bit. But this week, he's in the field. I have not talked to him since Sunday afternoon.... it's the longest we've gone without talking... probably ever. And it's rough.

But on a happier note - my Dad arrives in Kingston in 2 sleeps and my Mom arrives in Kingston in 5 sleeps!! YAY!! Funny story though.... we're driving out to "THE MEGA" for the BMOQ Graduation ceremony and we're staying in the little town overnight before returning home on Friday. And my Dad booked the hotel rooms.... yes, that was plural, ROOMS. It's just me, my Mom and him. And his reasoning was that he doesn't want to hear us "going at it like rabbits", but it's just going to be me in the room - P has to go back to the Mega for the night, he doesn't get to stay out. Soooooo I'm not sure if my Dad just didn't want me in their room (cuz maybe they'll be going at it like rabbits - which frankly is a tad bit disturbing) or because maybe I snore too much?? I don't know. SO it will be another freaking lonely night for me in a hotel. UGH. So sick of sleeping alone and I won't even have Bella to keep me company and keep me warm. It's gonna suck.

Speaking of Bella, she's being so good lately, which is a change - she was really bad earlier this week, she ate our wicker papasan chair.... and I had to yell at her, which caused her to pee on the floor. But now she's being adorable and snuggling me constantly. It makes me feel very guilty for leaving her alone for so long while I go to work. At least this fall, she won't be in her crate for long cuz P has a freaking sweet school schedule :)

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