How quickly life can change....

3 months ago P started back to school and I was working like crazy, went back to Winnipeg for a week to finalize some legal paperwork.... and somehow, got pregnant. Lol. So it seems that birth control doesn't always work as well one thinks it should. I've been feeling not too shabby, some days are better than others, I've had a little bit of morning sickness.

Christmas is coming up soon - that's the big excitement that I'm looking forward to right now - we're heading out to see my sister and my parents are heading down too so that should be super fun. Especially because I haven't been down to see my sister in Georgia since she moved down there almost 4 years ago lol. And then we come back home for a couple of days and then head out to Jamaica for P's first ever tropical trip, it should be a blast. And we're going with friends of ours and their little girl. I'm really looking forward to it.

And I got my early Christmas present this week, a brand new MACBOOK!! I'm typing on it right now, and boy do I ever love it lol.

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