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I was very lucky over Christmas vacation - I was able to spend time with my sister and parents and I met a fellow blogger, who's blog is HILARIOUS and she is super funny in real life too. Colby is a great write and I urge you to check out her blog. She discusses how you MUST order eggs at IHOP, which is the weirdest thing in the world but it's a true story - I was there when it happened.

So I'm back into full swing with teaching - tonight was a funny night though - I told all of my students that 1 - I'm pregnant and 2 - I'm getting married. They were equally excited about both things but EXTREMELY worried that I was going to stop teaching them next week lol. I assured them that I am not quitting yet, I plan on teaching as long as I possibly can - but holy man, 3 hours of teaching has me extremely tired.... I'm not sure how I'm going to handle teaching full days - starting next week I'll be teaching dance from 9am-4pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays... should be interesting.

Hope all is well in blogworld!! Love ya!

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