Meal Planning

I'm trying to do our meal planning a little bit differently this month.  I was trying to plan the whole month out in advance.  Is there anyone else out there that does this??  I'm finding it super difficult right now but I think that's mostly because of all the unknown's of August.  We don't know when this baby will arrive.  We don't know what Paul's flying schedule is like.  We don't know if his parents are coming out at some point (I think that depends on when Baby Girl arrives).  That makes it super hard to plan things in advance.  So far - I have the next three days planned and that's it lol.

Thursday - BBQ Steak, Potatoes, and Corn on the Cob

Friday - BBQ Hamburgers

Saturday - Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

And after that... I'm stuck lol.  I feel like the girls and I are pretty easy to please when Paul's away, they like breakfast for dinner, Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, Pasta, Nothing too adventurous or crazy - we have one super picky eater and one semi-okay eater.  We do have some salmon in our freezer and lots of chicken to use up. Do you have any great recipes that you use when meal planning or have any tips to trying to plan for more than just two - three days in advance??

Happy Humpday!!

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  1. I may be crazy but I meal plan an entire month at a time. It takes me a few hours usually to find recipes and everything but it saves me SO much time overall. I print out a calendar and just write the recipe name under each day and then i print all the recipes out and put them in a folder :) I usually end up making food that I'll have leftovers from! Like tuna noodle casserole and things like that :) I also have 3 days a week where I have my "easy meals" like crockpot dinners that don't take long! I highly recommend checking out recipes on Pinterest :)

    XO Nicole