August?  Where have you gone??  Oh right... Vanished into thin air lol.  I do have some reasons for being absent last week and they are valid reasons lol.  What I didn't blog about at all was how my darling husband has been gone for the majority of June and July into August but he did get home finally on the 4th - and then he had a whole bunch of time off of work so we spent the majority of it doing family stuff together and prepping for this new baby.  While Paul was away we definitely kept busy, I finished off working full time, the girls were still in daycare full time, we went to two weddings, finished tumbling classes, went to the wading pools and splash pads, did Grandma/Grandpa Camp (one of the hits of the summer thus far lol) and really just tried to not focus on Paul being away at all.  He had his last day off today so life will be back to "normal" starting tomorrow (but seriously - define normal while you're waiting for a baby to be born lol).  I really enjoyed our time together this last week but it will be nice to have no real commitments tomorrow and I can just take a nap if I want to without feeling like I should be doing something else lol.  Now for some pictures :)

His arrival home (guess where he had been for 5 weeks lol).

Afternoon craft time with the girls - they love paint.

Spending time together :)


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  1. Glad you all got to enjoy some time together before that sweet new baby gets here!