August Goals

 Welcome August!!

The beginning of August was very dark and dreary here.  It started out as a hot and muggy morning and then all of a sudden, the skies got super dark and it began to hail, and then it poured.  For pretty much the whole afternoon.  However, it was nice because the girls played in their playroom for pretty much the whole day and had a blast and I was able to get some house cleaning done :)

Anywho - onto the August Goals - I may as well try to hold myself accountable here and get a few things accomplished this month.

1. Have a baby.  Pretty self-explanatory lol.  But it is officially baby month so I thought I should put it in here lol.

2.  Blog more consistently.  I would like to try to blog every day in August but I know that once the baby does arrive, things may not go quite according to any plans I have so I'm trying to be flexible.  I think I would be happy if I could blog 4-5 times per week.

3.  Rearrange the master bedroom in our house.  Right now - the layout I just not working for me and I would like to switch things around a bit.  It may mean covering up the window with our bed frame a little bit and the possibility of covering the floor vents too... But I think in the long run it will work out okay.  

4.  Clean out Paul's dresser.  We have those Ikea dressers that are being recalled, so it the end it actually helps me out a little bit.  I want to get rid of his dresser (mostly) and hang the majority of his clothing because we have double closets in our bedroom.  And he has the closet organizer so he should be able to fit most of his stuff into the closet.  Maybe that will be tomorrow's project lol.  

I will check back in mid-month to see how these are going (and if they are mostly done, I may add in some more lol).

Do YOU have any goals for this month??

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