Blog Revamp and Photo Decisions....

I am in the process of revamping the blog.... very slowly, so please bear with me as I undergo the renovation process lol. I haven't found the perfect template yet and I don't know how to create them, I begged Panda Man to create one for me and he refused. He actually said he didn't know how and that we would have to buy special software for the computer (which I was TOTALLY okay with but he didn't agree with that either lol). I'm contemplating purchasing this Scrapbooking Software from Stampin' Up because I'm a Stampin' Up Demonstrator (I LOVE that stuff to death). And I know that they have some "blog" type stuff so maybe I'll wait a bit to totally revamp the page.

On the baby front, I'm starting to get more excited/panic alot more about stuff that needs to be done. My OCD listmaking skills are definitely coming into play now. And several of my photographer friends are fighting over who gets to take my preggo pics and my newborn pics and I have NO IDEA how to choose who I want to do them - because they all take really great pictures. For those of you reading my blog (if there are really any people out there in blog land.....) how would you decide???

PS - 3 days posting in a row! That's a record lol.

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