Snowy snowy days

We got DUMPED on with snow yesterday so I took a break from blogging and snuggled down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watched football with my honey and his buddy who was down from another base for a visit. I also may have gone for my first pregnancy massage ever! And man was it amazing, my back feels so great today and it was so relaxing. AND I may have booked another one for 4 weeks from now lol.

Today was day of business, we had church first thing this morning. It was CWL Sunday (Catholic Women's League), and it was also the installation of the new executive officers - of which I am a part of now! I am the new secretary for the next two years... or one year... I'm not sure how long the term is for. I'm fairly excited about it, a little bit nervous too. Then we went to Best Buy and I got a new stereo for teaching, and we went to Home Sense to look for a mirror and that was a failed mission. We also went to Michael's but there weren't any really great sales and nothing really caught my eye today. Next stop was one of my favourite places to go..... COSTCO!!! And we had hot dogs and poutine for lunch, yummy!! I know I'm not "supposed" to have hot dogs since I'm pregnant, but I only had half of one and it was SO delicious I couldn't say no. Then we went to my least favourite store right now (but only because it stresses me out far too much), Babies R Us. We found out that the stroller we want isn't on recall, but now we're not sure if that's even the stroller we actually want anymore.... ugh!!! Then it was off to Loblaw's for grocery shopping, where we followed our meal plan perfectly and only spent $53 for the entire weeks worth of groceries!! I'm so excited that we're doing so well with this. And finally we headed to Wal-Mart so Panda Man could get a new video game, he's been doing so well with our budgeting and getting on track with everything that I thought he could use a little treat. And now he's hunkered down in front of the TV playing Madden 2011. It's cute. And I am about to make dinner and then start teaching plans for the 12 million dance classes I'm teaching this week... wish me luck lol!

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  1. hey lady! i'm so happy you are blogging again!!! xoxo