Trying to be consistent in blogging....

I'm trying to be more consistent in my blogging, but I often forget.... can I blame it on pregnancy brain??

This week is going to be a busy but exciting week for us. Panda man is on reading week so he's going to be doing lots of things on my "honey-do" list, one of my great friends from back home is going to be visiting, I only teach 3 days this week (thank you to Family Day in Ontario lol), we're going to go down to the good ol' U.S.of A. for some shopping (SUPER pumped about that, I'm running low on cookie crisp and Cherry Coke), and I work at the baby store again lol. I haven't worked there since before Christmas, but I'm REALLY looking forward to my shift.

I've been working at the gym a lot this week so I've had time to catch up on my blog reading, class planning and craft project to-do list. I think I would have died today without having my laptop here and thank goodness for MacBooks, iPhones and being able to tether the internet off of my phone so I can use my laptop. I would have died without this.

We went grocery shopping on Thursday night and one of the stores here, Loblaws, has clothing and such as well as groceries. They also have the CUTEST rainboots ever and Panda man was ever so nice and bought me a brand new pair of super cute pink rainboots!!

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