Adding up

The amount of "stuff" I have happening over the next 4 months is starting to add up. Some days I get very overwhelmed when I make my "to-d0" lists. And then other days, I don't give a hoot. I'm looking forward to Panda Man's reading week this month, it will give us time to get some projects done around the house - plus I took the time off from the gym so it's one less job I'll be working. And then in March, I'll be finished most of my big teaching contracts by the second week, and honestly I'm not sure how many more I'll take after that. I like the money and I love teaching dance - but I'm starting to feel really tired all the time and some of the easiest movements from teaching are starting to get more difficult with my growing belly. But I want to teach up until the end so I can get good money for my mat leave..... or I at least HOPE I can get decent money. We don't need alot, but the money I bring in is our "fun" money and the money we use to go out and do stuff and take trips and such. Plus in July we're taking a trip to Alberta for the wedding of one of Panda Man's best friends - which will be fun - but will also cost us a bit of money in gas. But not hotels, or at least not MANY hotels lol. We'll be stopping to visit my family for a little while so that will be really nice, and then we'll be staying with his family, so that saves... but still. ARGH, I just need to stop stressing myself out with everything lol.

How do YOU keep from stressing out about finances and crazy life in general???

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  1. its tough not to stress out! when i'm stressed i pray about it. and i remind myself that the only day i can live is TODAY, so if i'm stressed about something i figure out what i can do right now about it and if the answer is nothing then i try to release it... i know thats easier said than done. i also try to get out for walks and stuff. fresh air is cleansing. love yoU!!!!!!!!!