Stroller Time!!

So we went on an excursion to Ottawa yesterday in the search of our perfect stroller. Panda man has been doing LOADS of research on different strollers and whether or not we should buy an all-in-one stroller carseat combo or if we should buy separately. So off we went to test out the number one stroller on our list: the BOB. We went to this great baby store in Ottawa called Fab Baby Gear. It was an amazing store! And the girls were SO helpful. They brought up their last BOB stroller from last year and took it out of the box so we could compare it with the model on the floor and we ended up actually liking the floor model better (it was just put together the day before lol so it wasn't a "true" floor model). So we bought our stroller and our car seat from them, along with the conversion bar to make the stroller compatible with the car seat. And we're set! Next on the list of baby items - the crib. We've bought the paint for Baby Bear's room, and we're planning to start painting it over Panda man's reading week which is coming up very fast! Some people are asking us why we are doing everything now, but I just want to be more prepared and I don't want to be panicking in 2 months when I don't have anything ready. And later today we have our "anatomy" ultrasound - and we're NOT finding out the sex of Baby Bear. We decided we want to be very surprised when Baby Bear arrives in June. We seem to have, not angered, but several people are disappointed that we aren't finding out. They really want to know. But we don't. :)

Happy Monday to you all!!

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  1. We had the nursery painted and set up well before Katie was born. It was soooo relaxing to be able to sit in there :)