Today was a bittersweet day for me. It was my last day teaching in Mallorytown. I had a blast teaching out there, the kids were awesome. They didn't start out awesome lol, but by the end they were dancing up a storm and doing such a great job. I say it was bittersweet because while I am very relieved and happy to only be teaching in Gan now, and only 2 nights a week, it's sad because I would have LOVED to keep teaching these kids how to dance even more. 8 weeks is just not enough time for me lol.

I also delivered my stamp groups goodies for this past month tonight - things are going AWESOME with that. The group is great and they really seem to be loving it. So hopefully we can do another 6 month session after the summer is over. I'm really hoping to get my stamping stuff off the ground when I'm on mat leave because I think I'll need something other than the baby to focus on.

Panda Man and I were talking about the baby tonight and there are so many Negative Nelly's out there right now, who are convinced that I will get post-partum depression very badly because they did. I hope that I don't, I know that there is a likelihood of it happening because it is quite common, but I'm also very excited about this new life that we're about to embark on. I can't wait until our family of 2 plus Bella becomes 3 plus Bella. I'm incredibly pumped to become a Mom. So to all of those Negative Nelly's I say POO ON YOU. I'm going to make the most of my mat leave and of my new little angel, I don't plan on staying at home 24/7 and freaking out about every little thing, I'm sure I will panic about numerous things, but I'm also pretty sure I'll get over it lol.

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  1. It's important to remember that a lot of the whole post-partum depression thing is genetic. If you look at our family, there aren't a lot of cases of depression in general, and I don't know of any women in our family who have had major post-partum issues. So I'm pretty sure you'll be fine! Don't listen to the crazy people. ;)

  2. so i commented on this a couple times yesterday, but my internet kept cutting out. But it didn't work either time...

  3. Pssst it's been a week, no blog update??