Stomach Watching

It has been an insanely crazy month for us so far. And it's only halfway done. And it's only going to get busier lol. But it's not too bad - the busier it is, the more I don't realize that I only have 10 weeks left in my pregnancy! The end is near!! YAY!! Things are going well with my pregnancy. Although I did get a small talking to from my doc this past week as I lost 1.5 lbs instead of gaining the 2 pounds they estimated I should have gained. But I passed my glucose test with flying colours, and I didn't even mind drinking the orange stuff either lol.

So in stomach watching news, the baby is SOO busy now. The head is down and has been for the past 2 - 3 weeks, and the legs are on my right side. Barely any movement on the left. But it's so much fun right now to just sit and watch my stomach move, sometimes it's a bit creepy but sometimes it's cool lol.

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