Happy Easter to all of you out there in blogland :)

This is the last official holiday that Panda Man and I will spend together without having a child. It's kind of crazy to think of things that way. There's the "Before Baby" us and then there will be the "After Baby" us. I'm pretty excited for Baby Bear to arrive here and am looking forward to celebrating holidays with BB. I absolutely love holidays and decorating the house for things and now, I have an actual REASON to do so. I will have a little person who will one day appreciate everything I do on holidays. One of my fave childhood memories is decorating the porch tree with my Mom and my sis at every holiday. My mom had these branches that were stuck into a pot on the front porch and she had decorations for EVERYTHING. Canada Day, 4th of July when we were in the States, Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year's, Valentines Day. It was awesome. And I'm gonna bring that back :) I've already mentally made my "to buy" list for things I need to get started on the porch tree. Hopefully Panda Man won't mind lol.

Speaking of craftiness, I've found so many AMAZING blogs dedicated solely to crafts that I think I might actually get my Stampin Up Blog up and running again. And take the time to make it work. With Mat leave just mere weeks away, (not that I'm excited about that or anything lol), I may have a teensy bit more time on my hands - until BB graces us with his/her arrival. My monthly Stamp Camp group is going GREAT!! They are doing so well with learning new techniques and they are all interested in continuing on next year as well :) YAY!! That makes me super happy.

On another BB related note, my crib is STILL not in. And it's starting to make me stress just a teensy bit. I want the crib and dresser to get here so that I can start to set up the room. I still need to buy curtains for the windows but the room is painted, there are some pics up on the wall, I have some shelves that Panda Man needs to hang and then put the teddy bears on them and we're good to go. Then it's on to making the spare room look pretty. I think I've decided that I want a blue colour on the walls in there... but I'm still not positive. Panda Man's sister suggested gray but I think I want that in our bedroom. I'm thinking for the new master bedroom colour scheme I want gray walls and black and red accents for the bedding and stuff.... we'll see though lol. I have to convince Panda Man to paint another room for me first hahahahaha.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!

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  1. I read that as this is the last day... not holiday. When are you due btw? We have something in the works for BB. Also I ordered something small for you, hopefully it will be in before we leave for Ontario in May. Oh, we'll be home form the 14th to the 21st :) If you guys are free at all, you should see if you can make it down for dinner sometime that week.

  2. aww i'm so excited for you!!! you're going to be such an amazing mom! love you xoxo

  3. Great minds... I've already picked out a gray colour of paint for the master BR in the new house! And I've already got the black bedspread and linens. Yeesh. We clearly spent too much time together! (But I love it!)

    And I totally remember the porch tree! I've gone a different route (since it's just me and the puppy), and I've got a door wreath for just about every occasion. We're such a crafty family...