So What Wednesdays :)

This week I am saying SO WHAT to the following things....

- If I wear yoga pants on a regular basis.  They are comfortable, I am a Mom.  And I dress up to leave the house most of the time.
- If my little girl is little (yes, we are STILL on that topic - it came up again today with some other people who tried to tell me something is seriously wrong with my child).  She doesn't weigh a ton.  But she sure eats a lot.  Between still breastfeeding and eating solids, that kid packs away a bunch of food.  And I'm not going to worry until A DOCTOR tells me to. So there.
- If I don't want to go back to work full time.  It's my decision (and my husband's).  NO ONE ELSES.  SO BACK OFF. 
- If I use caps locks a lot.  I like it.  It gets my point across.
- If I don't want to pay for a new blog background - it made me finally get up off my butt and make my own header... whatdaya think??

Also this week I'm linking up again with Mrs. K and Captain J (I always want to say Captain K...  technically you should be a rank higher than your hubby anyways, cuz you're more important - or at least that's what me and my momma always joke about lol) for DRAW SOMETHING Wednesdays.  I only have one picture this week (I forgot to take more lol)

Here is my FABULOUS and very life like looking......WINDMILL :)  - Also please notice - I finally learned how to watermark my pictures :)  Or at least I think I did it right hahahaha.


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  1. I think your windmill is phenomenal! Thanks for linking up.

    Also, people often tell me how small K is as if I dont know/see it. He's a good little eater, too- I try not to worry.

    Your page looks great!

  2. Oh, and I definitely agree- maybe I'll change it to Major K ;)

  3. 1. Great windmill. :)
    2. Love the new header!

  4. I wear yoga pants everyday too. Seriously, they are the most comfortable things anyway. And I see my one year old more than anyone else... he doesn't care :) Your header looks great!!!