Letters for A Friday

Dear Teething:  Can I please have my happy go lucky baby back?  I'm kind of tired of this grumpy one.  I just want her little teeth to appear fully so she's not miserable on a regular basis.  It seems that you're trying to get 3 teeth to come through at once.

- Sincerely - Stressed Mama

Dear Nora:  Mama knows that your teeth are hurting you, but could you please stop pulling my hair out?  You don't need to pull it to fall asleep, just snuggle Giraffey and all will be well.

- Sincerely - Mama who lost a fistful of hair last night

Dear RMC:  Thank you for my husband back.  3rd year is complete and I may actually see him for more than one evening a week and he won't be holed up in his office or at the college studying.  

- Sincerely - One Happy Otter Wife

Dear Body:  Can we try to cut out the caffeine again?  I know it's hard and that it sometimes causes headaches, but I don't think the sugar is good for my teeth.  I only had two pops today...which is a lot I know, but we were out for TGIF at the Officer's Mess.

- Sincerely - Lady who's trying to get healthy

Dear House: Once again - do ya think you could clean yourself?  I'd greatly appreciate it.  With the lack of sleep caused by teething baby (see above letter), I have no energy to clean.

- Sincerely - Lady who's house looks like a Tasmanian Devil ripped through it

Dear Husband:  I know you don't really read my blog (or at least you claim not to lol), I am beyond proud of you for finishing 3rd year at RMC and I'm SUPER pumped about your history paper mark (87%!! - Way to go!!).  Love you lots and I'm excited for this journey to be almost complete and getting ready to start the next leg of you career!

- Love - your super proud wife!

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  1. Great letters! I am SO in the same spot with the teething baby who loves to pull my hair out! Why? Why is that fun!? I hope you'll hop over and check out my Friday Letter's too!

  2. Teething is no fun for mamas or babies! I hope it goes by quickly! Why do they always want to pull the hair... I don't get it!

  3. Found you through your link up in Friday's Letters and glad to be your newest follower.

    My four month old loves loves loves to yank out his mama's long wavy hair. I need to start wearing it up more often. If he's this into hurting me now, I can only imagine how bad it will get when he starts teething soon.

    Can't wait for your letters next week!

    Dana @ five30three